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How to catch tadpoles in New World

If you need to catch some tadpoles for a quest or just want them for your inventory, this is the place to be.
How to catch tadpoles in New World

Fishing is one of the many skills that players can level up in New World. It doesn’t get much more basic, as players can cast out a line, attach some bait and wait for a nibble on their pole. 

This easy skill has been a problem for many players in the early going, however. Whether it’s trying to catch a large salmon or find some specific bait in order to catch a fish, the fishing skill isn’t as simple as originally thought. In regard to catching a specific fish, one such slippery creature that players haven’t been able to catch very often is a tadpole. 

The pre-stage for a fully grown frog, a tadpole isn’t what many would expect to be difficult to catch in New World. However, the tiny creature has caused some trouble as players continue casting their line into the water. 

Catching tadpoles in New World 

how to catch tadpoles in new world
Fishing is easy to pick up but hard to master in New World. (Picture: Amazon)

For starters, players need to acquire a fishing pole. This can be easily done by talking to Master Fisher Michael Shield, who’s located on a dock in the western part of Windsward. He offers you a quest upon meeting him to find five woodlouse bait. This bait can be found in various bushes across New World. 

Once you’ve delivered the goods to the fisherman, he will give you a fishing pole as a reward. As you progress in New World, a quest might come across your journal that requires the catching of tadpoles. Many players have no idea how to do this, as tadpoles aren’t too regularly caught in rivers or lakes. 

To catch a tadpole, players need to find a body of freshwater. For bait, fireflies have worked the best thus far but players have also reported that casting a line in streams without bait has yielded a tadpole as well. Once the line is out, all players have to do is wait for a bite, reel in the catch and see if it’s a tadpole. 

If it’s not, then you just have to keep trying until you catch one of the prepubescent frogs.