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How to change Factions in New World

Choosing the right Faction carries a lot of weight in New World.
How to change Factions in New World

One of the most exciting elements of New World is the Faction system. 

Factions allow players some choice in the colours they wear and battles they fight. The three Factions of the game, Syndicate, Covenant and Marauders, are all fighting for control of Aeternum and partake in Invasions and battles for Forts to do so. Players can join in on the action by defending their land or trying to take more of it. 

However, when players are faced with selecting a Faction, many aren’t sure which to pick. Some will pick one at random or others will select the one with their favourite colour. Although, this is a mistake in some cases, as players might want to join one their friend is in later on. If this happens to you, what are the next steps? Well, you can always change Factions, which we detail how to do below. 

Changing Factions in New World 

How to change factions in New World
The Factions are constantly fighting in New World. (Picture: Amazon)

Currently, there’s only one way to change Factions in New World. To do this, you need to head to the character screen at the main menu. From here, select the character you want to change and then find the Bio tab. This shows your character’s Bio and gives you the option to swap Factions for free. There’s no money or levelling loss whatsoever. 

Once you swap to the Faction of your choice, though, you need to make sure that was the right decision. After you’ve changed the first time, you won’t be able to swap Factions again until the 120 day waiting period is up. This process repeats itself if you want to change a third time. 

Changing Factions doesn’t truly alter your gameplay in New World unless you have a large number of friends in a specific Faction. Or, the Company you want to join might only take one of the three Factions. Either way, make sure the decision is what you want before pressing the change button.