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How to find sheep in New World for Stonearch Hunt Quest

Are you stuck on a certain quest involving sheep? Look no further than here to find the furry animals in New World.
How to find sheep in New World for Stonearch Hunt Quest

The thing drawing the ire of most players in New World thus far has been sheep.

Sheep are, for whatever reason, incredibly hard to come by in the Amazon MMO. There are a few different quests involving furry animals, including Stonearch Hunt. Players need to cull sheep in these quests or collect some items from them. However, unlike other quests involving animals, sheep don’t spawn in nearly as frequently.

This is giving players quite the headache, as they’ll run to the area where the quest dictates and no sheep will be present. From here, players tend to ask the world chat where they can find sheep. However, instead of doing that, players can simply keep reading down below.

Finding sheep in New World

How to find sheep in New World for Stonearch Hunt Quest
(Picture: Amazon Games)

Most players will start to notice few sheep spawn in New World when they get the Stonearch Hunt quest. This quest will take players to a place in Everfall called Stonearch Pass. Here, players will start looking for sheep. Of course, there are few animals to be found.

Sheep only spawn in once every few minutes or so. With the number of people looking for the same sheep you are, though, this process can become nearly impossible. Moving around the Stonearch Pass area is the best move while you’re there, as some sheep can wander off. If you want another location for sheep, though, you can try the following areas:

  • Windsward: Northwest of the settlement, in the hills
  • Monarch’s Bluff: Around Devil’s Quarry next to the farmhouse

Those appear to be the only reported sightings of sheep in New World. We’ll update this article if any more spots become known to the community.

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