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How to defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World

Alastor the Vigilant, one of the main bosses of the main story, is a tough opponent for more reasons than one.
How to defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World

So far in its infancy, New World has experienced quite the laundry list of bugs. From quests not completing to random ghost trees spawning in the world, there’s no shortage of bugs in Aeternum at the moment. 

Although, one of the most frustrating that players are facing is defeating Alastor the Vigilant. For one, the NPC is a tough opponent, as he’s a part of the main story. The truly tough test he presents, though, is actually getting him to spawn in his area. It’s a well-documented bug that players wait around for dozens of minutes waiting for Alastor to show up so they can fight him and advance the main story. 

While New World has offered some help, the fixes don’t seem to be getting the job done. Nevertheless, we’ll tell you the official way to “fix” the bug and how to defeat Alastor the Vigilant if you manage to face him. 

Alastor the Vigilant bug fix in New World

Alastor the Vigilant is a mage who protects the Amrine Temple in New World. He’s found during the main quest “The Ritual” and requires players to defeat him so they can place their Heartgem inside of the temple altar. This can’t be done until Alastor is done and dusted, though.

Alastor the Vigilant in New World guide
Alastor the Vigilant in New World. (Picture: Amazon/UF Dark Warrior)

It’s highly unlikely players will get Alastor to spawn on their first attempt. Seeing as this is a huge issue, New World offered the following method to fix the bug. 

  • Restart the quest by opening the Journal (J)

  • Exit New World and log back in 

This is supposedly meant to ensure Alastor spawns back in but players are still reporting he doesn’t. Although, if the fix did work for you, then you can take him on in order to advance the main story.

Alastor the Vigilant isn’t too tough of an opponent but he does have a variety of slicing attacks. He’s a level 25 NPC that’s activated by standing in his room with the blue magical gateway. There will likely be a plethora of other players with you to do the fight, so all you need to do is hit some attacks and you’ll be credited with defeating him.

Alastor the Vigilant new world
Alastor the Vigilant in the heat of battle. (Picture: Amazon/Sipder)

However, if you’re alone, make sure to stand back and use some kind of staff. His attacks up close are lethal and can deplete your health in a matter of seconds. The Life or Fire Staff are great options for the fight, although we recommend the former. The Life Staff can heal you with the right skills in place and also deal a solid amount of damage. If you need to hit the NPC up close, we recommend a simple sword and shield.

You also need to be on the lookout for small skeleton enemies. They’ll pop up throughout the fight and make life difficult for you. 

Once Alastor the Vigilant is defeated, you can place the Heartgem on the altar and move on with the main story.