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When is New World coming to PlayStation and Xbox?

Will New World come to consoles? Amazon's new MMO is already one of the biggest hits on Steam, and gamers want to know if New World is to be released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
When is New World coming to PlayStation and Xbox?

New World closed beta testing has just started, and the MMO has already taken Steam by storm.

The game has peaked at 190,000 concurrent players during the first two days of the beta, becoming the third most played game on Steam.

MMO fans are hungry for new games in the genre dominated by a few giants for decades, and it seems that New World is finally offering something fresh and exciting for gamers to dive into.

There's a lot of hype around the game, and not just among PC gamers. Those who prefer to play video games on consoles are intrigued by New World as well, and many are wondering if Amazon has plans to release the game on other platforms asides from Stream.

Here's what we currently know about the release of New World on consoles.

Is New World coming to consoles?

New World PlayStation and Xbox consoles
(Picture: Amazon)

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for New World to release on consoles, we have bad news for you in that regard.

At this moment, Amazon Games has confirmed that the console release is "not something we've specced or considered yet."

This has been stated by New World's game director, Scot Lane, back in December 2019.

Back then, Lane claimed that the reason behind it is that they are "pushing the graphics as far as we can" and he thinks that consoles will limit the game in that aspect.

Of course, this was before the release (and even announcement) of the next-gen consoles, so it doesn't make much sense from today's perspective, but things haven't changed regarding Amazon's plans about the game on consoles - they are still nonexistent.

New World PlayStation and Xbox consoles
(Picture: Amazon)

Recent confirmation that the game will not have native controller support on release only further reaffirms the fact that Amazon is not planning to work on a console port any time soon.

So there you have it, this is all we currently know about the console version of New World.

Don't expect New World to release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles at least for a full year, and quite possibly never, depending on Amazon's next steps.