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How to equip weapon and armour skins in New World

Find out how to equip one of the fancy skins you earned in New World.
How to equip weapon and armour skins in New World

New World has finally been released and players have a plethora of questions about the game and its various mechanics. 

From learning how to craft certain weapons to finding certain resources out in the vast world of Aeternum, there’s no shortage of inquiries from the player base. However, one of the more popular questions has to do with something fairly mundane. 

Early on in New World’s life cycle, players are curious as to how to equip the various weapon and armour skins they earned during the closed beta or through the recent Twitch Prime drops for the game. These promotions rewarded players with exclusive skins and they want to showcase them to the rest of their server. 

Well, there’s an easy process to go about equipping a specific weapon and armour skin, which players can see below. 

Equipping New World weapon and armour skins 

New World how to apply skins
New World has finally released on PC. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Whether players pre-ordered the Deluxe version of New World or have Twitch Drops waiting for them, they want to equip the skins they earned or purchased. 

You can begin this process by right-clicking on a specific piece of gear in your inventory (press Tab). From this drop-down menu, you’ll see an option to “Change Skin,” which you want to click. 

Once this opens, you can see all of the available skins you have for that specific piece of gear. So if you earned the Vinespun Twitch Drop, then you’ll have some skins available for New World’s various weapons. If you click on the Rapier, for example, this is where you’ll see the Vinespun skin available to equip. 

New World Vinespun Twitch drops
The Vinespun Twitch drops in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

If you don’t have a skin available for the piece of gear you clicked on, then the “Change Skin” option won’t appear. 

Your library of skins should only grow in New World, so always check to see if you’ve earned any additional ones throughout your time in Aeternum. 


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Featured image via Amazon Games.