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How to find alligators in New World

Alligators can be one of the toughest early game creatures to fight in New World.
How to find alligators in New World

Throughout the early game of New World, players will be tasked with finding various creatures for a certain quest or needing their resources for a particular piece of gear. 

One of the creatures that players will need to find at some point is an alligator. The scaly lizards are a fierce animal in the early game, as they have a ton of health and attack with terrifying speed. However, as long as players are well-equipped, they should have no real trouble dealing with them. 

Of course, before players can worry about handling the creatures, they need to know where they can find them. After all, they give out great resources and are needed for some town board quests. So where can you find them in New World? 

Finding Alligators in New World 

The usual spawn for an alligator in New World is near or around a swamp. Swamps have a water source around them but aren’t necessarily a standard pond or lake. They’re a bit murkier and look like the standard location you would think to find an alligator. 

Luckily, in New World, you can see exactly where swamps are on the map of Aeternum. On the map, you’ll be able to see green and yellow terrain, which are generally swamps. Around these locations is your best bet to find alligators. While you can run into one or two out in the world near water sources, swamps are the most effective location to find the scaly creatures. 

New World alligators
Water sources hold a high chance of spawning an alligator. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The specific locations with a high chance of spawning an alligator are Salty Marshes in Cutlass Keys and Polder’s Flood in Weaver’s Fen. There are also several other locations within these regions that hold a few alligator spawns. 

Once you’ve found the creatures, take them seriously and with enough brute force and finesse, you’ll take them down. Then, pull out your skinning knife and gather the resources and food the alligator has on it.