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How to find and defeat Overseer Zane in New World

Overseer Zane is one of the more annoying enemies in New World.
How to find and defeat Overseer Zane in New World

For players that started out or ventured into Everfall, you might have had the misfortune of accepting a quest that deals with Overseer Zane. 

The quest requires you to travel to Ebonrock Cavern, which is located in the northwest region of Everfall. Before you can actually take him on, though, you need to defeat a set amount of Corrupted enemies surrounding the area. These enemies are level 17, so make sure you’re prepared to take 15 of these enemies on in succession. 

Once you’ve defeated the Corrupted enemies, then you’ll receive the task to defeat Overseer Zane. However, players are immediately confused as to how to do this. For starters, Zane is located inside of a cavern that has corruption spewing out of it, meaning players can’t stay in for long without dying. Moreover, the Overseer either doesn’t seem to spawn or players don’t get credit for killing him when he does. 

This article will show players everything they need to know about Overseer Zane in New World. 

Finding and defeating Overseer Zane in New World 

Overseer Zane
There are a wide variety of bosses in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To start, you’ll need to brew at least one or two Anti-Corruption potions. These potions allow you to enter the cave with Overseer Zane and survive the corruption long enough to defeat him. You should already know how to craft one of these potions before taking on Zane but if you don’t, then complete more quests in Everfall and then return to this particular task. 

Once you’ve taken the Anti-Corruption potions, you can enter the cave with Zane and make your way to him. He’s located down the cave’s path a bit but you’ll eventually find him if you follow the quest markers. 

If Zane isn’t present by the time you arrive at his location, then you’ll have to wait at least six minutes. This is the time that he requires to respawn. The timer was originally set at 15 minutes but Amazon Games shortened it to six in an update. 

Whenever he does spawn, you’ll need to inflict a significant amount of damage to Overseer Zane in order to get credit for the kill. However, this is somewhat difficult, as other players could be there trying to kill him as well. Also, Overseer Zane is a tough opponent to take on solo. 

New World Corruption
Corruption is at the centre of New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

He has a ton of health and hits like a truck. Though, he’s weak to Arcane and Nature damage as well as Thrust attacks. So if you decide to take him on solo, these are the best methods to do so and inflict the most damage possible. 

Once he’s defeated, you’ll know if you did enough damage by the quest marker changing to tell you to go back to Everfall. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.