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How long is the AFK timer in New World?

How long can you stay dormant before getting kicked in New World?
How long is the AFK timer in New World?

New World is off to both a terrific and rocky start. While it’s breaking player count records on Steam with every passing day, the game also has had severe server issues that are plaguing a majority of the player base. As such, many players are stuck waiting in long queues that make them leave their PC to go do other things.

While this seems harmless enough, some players are risking more than they think. If players aren’t back at their PC by the time they get through the queue and enter New World, they’re at risk of being kicked due to inactivity. 

Also known as being AFK, players across the globe are wondering how long they have before they’re kicked in New World. Below, fans can find out exactly how long the AFK timer is when they’re in Aeternum. 

The AFK timer’s length in New World 

Players have been enjoying their time with New World despite some frustrations. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Whether it’s because they’re distracted from waiting in the queue or need to go do something in real life but don’t want to exit the game due to the queue times, players need to know about the AFK timer in New World. This allows players to time their absence from the game and ensures they don’t get kicked for being inactive in the world. 

The AFK timer in New World is exactly 25 minutes from the time you stop moving or doing anything. If you’re in your inventory but stop moving your mouse, the timer has begun. From here, 25 minutes will go by before you’re promptly kicked from the server and sent back to the dreaded queue if you’re on a popular world. 

Before this 25 minutes is up, you’ll receive a notification on-screen at 20 minutes’ time. This notification lets you know that you have 5 minutes remaining before you’re kicked for inactivity. If you’re near your PC, all you have to do is simply press 'W' or move your mouse to reset the timer. However, if you’re not near your PC, then you need to make sure you time your AFK length correctly. Or else, you’ll face the wrath of the New World server queues. 

New World AFK Timer
Remaining idle in New World for 25 minutes will kick any player. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Amazon Games are working to improve the servers but that likely won’t happen overnight, so knowing about the AFK timer now is more important than ever. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.