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How to find Fire Motes in New World

Creating that staff isn’t as hard as you might think.
How to find Fire Motes in New World

Perhaps the most sought-after weapon in the early game of New World is the Fire Staff. Players see others with the staff and immediately want to know where they can get one too. After all who doesn’t want to kill enemies with a ball of fire shooting out from a wooden stick? 

Well, there are four ways to currently acquire a Fire Staff. The first is to receive it as a reward for completing a quest. This is an uncommon reward but still possible. You can also buy one from your Faction’s store, but you need to be at least level 15 to wield it. The third way is to find it as a loot drop out in the world. This can either come from an enemy or a random supply stockpile that you find. 

Finally, the fourth way is to just make it yourself. However, this is the hardest method, as players either don’t know where to make one or have no idea what a Fire Mote is, which is the key ingredient in crafting one. In this article, we’ll go over where to make the staff and how to acquire a Fire Mote. 

Finding a Fire Mote in New World 

Fire Motes in New World
A Fire Staff can't be crafted with Fire Motes. (Picture: Amazon)

Currently, the only way to obtain a Fire Mote is by harvesting a DragonGlory plant out in the world. The most common location for the plants is in the Windsward region. We’ve found that east of Windsward, on the way to Moe’s Farm, holds at least one or two DragonGlory plants. 

You need a harvesting level of 30 to pick up the plant, however. Additionally, you need a sickle, just like you do with any other plant. Once you’ve interacted with the DragonGlory, you’ll likely receive anywhere from 6-10 Fire Motes or Essence. If you receive Essence, don’t worry, as this is just an upgraded form of the Motes. 

After you have your Mote or Essence, find an Arcana Table in a settlement. This is where you craft all healing potions and magical items, like the Fire Staff. You need some iron ingots and wood if you want to fully make the staff along with the six Fire Motes.