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How to find gemstones in New World

Are you sick of staring at an empty socket on your gear? Finding a gemstone will solve those problems.
How to find gemstones in New World

Whether a player crafts their own gear or finds it out in the wild of New World, there’s a chance that piece will come with an empty socket. 

The socket is represented by a small circle in the bottom right corner of the gear’s icon. Upon further inspection, players find out that they can fill the socket with a gem. Doing so will increase the gear’s value and add some bonuses that were previously inaccessible. 

Naturally, players want to fill those sockets to reap the rewards. However, it’s unclear to many New World players how to actually go about finding one of these gems. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can find one in Aeternum. 

Finding gems in New World 

Gem stones in New World
Weapons can sometimes have a socket for gems. (Picture: Amazon)

Currently, there is only one clear-cut way to obtain a gem. The main way players have gone about finding them is by mining various ore veins. The ore veins currently in New World are iron, silver, gold, platinum, starmetal and orichalcum. 

By mining these veins, players will receive the ore of whatever specific vein they’re digging their pickaxe into. However, there’s also a chance that you can receive a raw gemstone for your efforts. 

The more advanced the vein, the higher tier of gemstone you’ll receive. So, for example, if you mine an iron ore vein, you’ll likely receive a raw sapphire gemstone, as it’s one of the lowest-rated gems. The receiving of gems is also dependent on the per cent of Miner’s Luck a player has. 

Once you have a raw gemstone in your inventory, you need to cut it at a stonecutting station. This requires some basic materials and a couple of Death Motes, which you can find in one of our previous articles. 

After the gem has been cut, it can be socketed into a weapon or piece of armour that has an empty gem socket.