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How to find Death Motes in New World

Are you trying to cut your gems in New World and can’t find a Death Mote? Look no further.
How to find Death Motes in New World

Death Motes can be one of the trickiest resources to locate in New World, as they’re not readily available in many places. 

While players can try and monitor the trading market for a Death Mote, it’s much easier to know where some are. This allows players to harvest as many as they need and not rely on third parties to gather the resources they need. 

Death Motes are primarily used in cutting gems so players can equip them on their gear. The gems offer various bonuses to the gear and are quite valuable in New World. In this article, we’ll go over how players can go about finding the Death Motes they need.

Finding Death Motes in New World 

Death Motes in New World location
Death Motes are essential in stonecutting (Picture: Amazon)

First and foremost, you can use the trading post in each settlement to see if any Death Motes are available. This can be costly and frustrating if no Death Motes are available for purchase but it is an option.

Secondly, to find the resource out in the world, you’ll need to have a level 30 Harvesting skill in New World and a sickle of any kind.

Level 30 Harvesting will take some time but isn’t too difficult as long as you’re diligent in picking up anything you find on the ground. Once you have your sickle and the proper Harvesting level, you can start the process of finding your own Death Motes. 

The resource is found from three different places but the primary way is harvesting it from a Blightroot. They’re also found from Blightmoths and Blightcrags but those are a bit tougher to find in the world. Blightroots can be randomly stumbled upon no matter where you are. However, there is a foolproof way to ensure you find them.

Death Motes in New World location
(Picture: Amazon)

You can head to the New World Map and Resource website, which details the locations of all major resources in New World. For Blighroot specifically, there are quite a few near Brightwood, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluff and in the upper First Light region. Once you find one of the roots, you can harvest it and around 6-10 will be added to your inventory.

To cut the starting gems, sapphire and moonstone, players need two Death Motes. For some of the more advanced stonecutting items, like an Eternal Heart, 50 or more of the Motes are required. So players should get to work finding some Blightroots.