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How to find iron ore in New World

Make the armour and weapons you’ve always wanted in the early game of New World. This guide will help you to understand everything about iron ore and ingots in New World.
How to find iron ore in New World

In the early going of New World, players have one thing on their minds when crafting armour and weapons: where do I get iron ore? 

Iron ore is the essential ingredient to make iron ingots, which then can be crafted into some high-tier armour and weapons. During the early levelling, most players are limited to wood weapons and armour that’s given to them by NPCs for completing quests. However, with the knowledge of iron ore locations, they can transform their character into a full-iron wearing and wielding beast. 

In this article, we’ll be giving players that knowledge so they can find iron ore easily in their world and start crafting the gear they truly want.

Finding iron ore in New World

iron ore vein in New World locations
An iron ore vein deposit in New World (Picture: Amazon)

Iron ore is found through iron ore vein deposits. These deposits are found on the ground, like regular boulders. However, they’re much larger in size and have more of a grey colour to them than standard boulders. 

The general rule of thumb when it comes to iron ore veins is that they’re more commonly found up high. So players need to start trekking upward to mountains or inside of caves to find the iron ore they seek. Aside from those two locations, iron ore is also found on hills and in the forest. Essentially, anywhere that a boulder can spawn, players can expect to find iron ore higher up.

To mine the iron ore, players need a mining pickaxe of any kind. Once you approach a deposit, all you need to do is interact with it and you’ll start mining away at it. The full process will take longer than a regular boulder, as it’s more advanced.

iron ore vein in New World locations
(Picture: Amazon)

You need three iron ores to make a single iron ingot, so you’ll want to find as many vein deposits as you can if you want to deck yourself out in all iron gear. Also, if you want to find specific locations with iron ore, you can check out this website.

It details known spots of all resources in New World, making it a handy tool no matter what region you’re in.