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How to join Outpost Rush in New World

Outpost Rush is the newest craze in New World and here’s how any player can join in on the fun.
How to join Outpost Rush in New World

Outpost Rush returned with patch 1.0.4 in New World and ever since players have been lining up to play the mode. This is a PvP mode where players can participate in a 20v20 battle against other players. It’s separate from the Faction Wars, so players can team up with any player they choose. The mode is great for players looking for a more standard deathmatch-style game mode. 

However, as New World continues to attract new players, some might have no idea how to join Outpost Rush. The veterans of the game who were around before it was disabled will know but that’s only a portion of the player base. 

Below, fans can find out exactly how to join the Outpost Rush game mode in New World following patch 1.0.4. 

Joining Outpost Rush in New World 

New World Outpost rush
Outpost Rush returned to New World in late October. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The biggest requirement before a player thinks about joining an Outpost Rush is they need to be level 60. This is considered the level where players enter the “endgame” and Outpost Rush is now a part of that. This level cap is to ensure higher levelled players have some competition around their gear level. 

To actually join the game mode, players need to speak to the Outpost Rush representative in a settlement. They can also speak to their Faction representative in the settlement. Once this happens, players will be given the choice to participate solo or in a group. If players decide to at it solo, they’ll be placed in a random group of five. To join as a group, players need to be grouped up prior to speaking with the Outpost Rush representative.

New World outpost rush how to join
New World players can participate in Outpost Rush as a group or solo. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Once players have decided how they’ll join, a queue will begin at the top of the screen in New World. This will tell players how much longer they have until the mode starts and how many players are in their lobby. As the timer expires, players will then be thrust into the Outpost Rush and can start laying waste to the enemy team of 20. The first team to reach 1,000 score wins. 

Players will earn Azoth, Coin and an Outpost Rush Crate for their efforts. 


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Amazon Games.