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New World: How to craft the Common Regeneration Potion

A Common Regeneration Potion can restore both health and mana. Here’s how to craft the potion.
New World: How to craft the Common Regeneration Potion

Before stepping out to explore the realms or wanting to join your friends in PvE or PvP battle, players will want to stock up their inventory with some health and regeneration potions. An essential item in MMOs, it's no different in New World so it would be wise to have a few potions before it's too late.

Players can craft potions and other consumables, like the Common Regeneration Potion, that replenish their health and mana bars. Locating blueprints and gathering ingredients for this potion isn’t hard to find.

This guide will detail what players need to know about the Common Regeneration Potion, how to craft it and more.

How to unlock and craft the Common Regeneration Potion

To acquire the Common Regeneration Potion, the potion can be obtained by crafting at an Arcane Repository desk or purchased at Trading Posts. They can also be gathered from chests or dropped by various characters and creatures.

Players may find potion blueprints by looting enemy characters, NPCs or creatures. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Once players have the blueprint for the Common Regeneration Potion, players will need to meet the following prerequisites to craft it:

  • Skill Level: Arcana Level 3
  • Crafting XP: +36 Arcana
  • Level requirement: 5
  • Crafting Station: Arcane Repository Tier II

Once players have met the abovementioned requirements, players will need to check the potion’s blueprint if they have all the required ingredients needed to make a Common Regeneration Potion. The potion requires the following ingredients:

  • x1 Water
  • x1 any of the following Tier II Medicinal Reagents (Gillflower, Glowing Mushroom Cap, Lifebloom Stem, Platecap Flesh, Sporebloom Fruit)
  • x1 any of the following Life Reagents (Gleaming Lodestone, Gillflower Gills, Life Essence, Life Mote, Life Quintessence, Life Wisp, Lifebloom Flower, Lifebloom Leaf, Lifebloom Stem, Lifemoth Eyes, Spinecap, Tanglewisp)


If players don’t have any of the ingredients needed to craft the potion, players can refer to the Resource Locations tab in their character menu. The Resource Locations tab can provide players with information on which areas are likely to have an abundance of various resources based on environments or terrains.

Another option is to visit the New World Interactive Map site to find the best spots for harvesting the ingredients. When players have harvested enough ingredients for the potion, locate an Arcane Repository Tier II station which can be found in every settlement throughout Aeternum.

Every settlement in New World will have an Arcane Repository Tier II crafting station. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Using the blueprint and the ingredients, approach the station and bring up the crafting menu to begin. Scroll down to the Unlearned category to locate the Common Regeneration Potion blueprint and hit the Craft button. Players can craft one potion at a time, depending on the amount of ingredients players have harvested.

How to consume the Common regeneration Potion?

It is important for players to know what perks they will receive when consuming a Common Regeneration Potion. The potion grants players the following health and mana perks when consumed:

  • Minor health regeneration for 10 seconds
  • Can restore 0.7% health plus an additional 40 health per second
  • Can restore 1.5% of mana per second
The higher you rank up your Arcane level, players will be able to craft more potent potions. (Picture: Amazon Games)

After crafting the number of potions needed, players can leave the station and continue on their journey. As players rank up, they will be able to craft the Strong Regeneration Potion which restores more health and mana. These are great to have in your inventory alongside health potions so make sure you keep stock of both types of potions.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.