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New World compass not working: How to fix

New World compass bug is currently one of the most common issues in the MMO, which makes the game almost unplayable for many players. Here's how to fix the New World compass not working bug.
New World compass not working: How to fix

It has been a week since the release of New World, and Amazon's MMO has quickly become one of the most popular PC games with hundreds of thousands of gamers playing it every day.

Despite many improvements in terms of design and balance, the game still suffers from some stubborn bugs which have been plaguing the game since the very first beta.

One of the most annoying issues, that are currently troubling players, is the New World compass bug, which prevents your compass from tracking and showing points of interest.

The compass will simply break and stop working altogether, refusing to show key points of interest like quests and resources.

New World Compass not working bug how to fix
Playing New World without compass tracking is a nightmare. (Picture: Amazon)

This renders the game practically unplayable as players can not properly navigate through the game without a compass.

While there is no exact rule when this happens, players are reporting that it occurs in most cases after they have completed an expedition, with the Amrine expedition standing out as the one that almost always breaks players' compasses.

How to fix the New World Compass bug

Currently, there are several solutions that may help you restore compass in New World, but none of them is 100% working.

The first one is the most obvious one - restart the game. This has been reported to work for a number of players (it works for us as well!), but it is far from ideal, especially given the enormous queue times, as this means you will have to wait in the queue again.

If you don't want to log out and wait in queues, there are two other options that can also help you, but these are reported not to always work. Still, give them a chance before restarting the game.

New World Compass not working bug how to fix
There are three possible solutions how to fix New World's compass bug. (Picture: Amazon)

If you enter a corruption zone and spend some time there, upon leaving it a five-second timer should appear. Once the timer is up, your HUD and compass should work perfectly.

Finally, some players report that simply unmarking all your quests will do the trick. You can do this from your Journal. After you unpin quests, you can now make any of your quests active through the map, and your compass should start showing POIs again!

And there you have it, this is how you can fix the New World Compass not working bug. Hopefully, any of these solutions will work for you, but as with all bugs, nothing will be permanent until Amazon fixes this annoying issue with a patch.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.