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New World player details "cathartic" pacifit run online

New World players are finding interesting ways of progressing, even if it means not killing any person or animal.
New World player details "cathartic" pacifit run online

New World encourages players to play the game as they see fit, which can take them in many directions. Many have shared their results online, inspiring many to achieve similar success.

While New World has been poised as the MMO best for crafting, it isn’t surprising that players have spent hours learning the various crafting disciplines to level up. One player has crafted their way to Level 60 without having to take another player’s or NPC's life which they addressed this feat online.

New World players risk it all on pacifist run

According to Redditor Iiventilde, they have reached Level 60 in New World without killing a player, NPC, joining a group or faction or having a weapon equipped. This, despite the fact that their Weaponsmithing skill is at Level 69.

The Redditor continued to elaborate that while this is quite the accomplishment to achieve in New World, it does have its drawbacks. “Sometimes tedious, but mostly cathartic. Would recommend.”

Many commented on this incredible achievement as one Redditor revealed that they are embarking on a pacifist run themselves. “I didn’t kill anything either, per lore. The island doesn’t allow anything to die. So I guess we’re even Steven,” Redditor Far-Village-4783 said.

new world settlement house no citizens players pacifist run
One Redditor has noted that the game's lore suggests that the island doesn't allow anything to die. (Picture: Amazon Game Studios)

Another Redditor praised their efforts, writing, “This is a pretty nice change of pace from what I’ve seen on the sub. Keep up the good work and good luck.”

We did find that there is another Redditor who too opted for a pacifist run in New World. Redditor oRobozinho posted an image on the New World Reddit forum a few days before Iiventilde’s post that they too had reached Level 60.

However, this Redditor had their Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Fishing and Tracking and Skinning skills all at a Level 0, citing their run in New World to be a “true pacifist” run.

Reddit user Geass expressed their astonishment at how the poster had achieved such a feat, putting their efforts to shame. “This dude is 60 without killing anything and I’m over here trying my heart out and just got to 41. I have to be doing something wrong, lol.”

new world settlement crafting level up players pacifist run
It is possible for players to progress in New World without killing other players or animals. (Picture: Amazon Game Studios)

It doesn’t quite surprise us that many players are turning to crafting and trade skills to level their character how they see fit. While some have explained to Iiventilde that their Fishing skill meant they have killed fish, oRobozinho on the other hand has not.

We sincerely hope that Mother Nature does not come after oRobozinho. Either way, a pacifist run is quite impressive to us all.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.