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How to find Void ore in New World

Void ore and its accompanying armour are extremely sought after in New World.
How to find Void ore in New World

As New World players start to progress towards the end game, they’re beginning to discover more and more advanced resources and materials. Although, with the game being so young, players have no idea how to acquire some of these resources. One such item that has confused players is Void ore, which is used to make Voidbent Armour. 

Voidbent Armour is becoming increasingly in New World thanks to its aesthetic look and boosts to players’ stats. The more others see players on their server with the armour equipped, the more they want to craft it themselves. 

Below, players can see exactly how to find Void ore in New World so they can begin the process of making their own set of Voidbent Armour. 

Finding Coid ore in New World 

New World void ore
The end game in New World is starting to get more populated. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To start, you can only acquire Void ore by mining from Orichalcum veins in New World or by purchasing it from the town Trading Posts. Obviously, the former is a much more efficient way of acquiring the metal but sometimes you can get lucky with purchasing it themselves, provided you have the gold. 

Orichalcum veins aren’t a guaranteed source to acquire Void ore, however. They’re only guaranteed to give you Orichalcum ore, as that’s what the vein contains the most of. The only way you can acquire Void ore is by the vein randomly dropping it while mining. This is a small chance, as Void ore is incredibly rare to come across. 

You can increase your chances of earning Void ore by equipping Mining Luck Gems into your armour gem slots. You can also eat certain foods to improve your luck while mining. 

Void Ore map in New World
The locations of Orichalcum veins in Shattered Mountain. (Picture: FextraLife Wiki)

As for where you can find Orichalcum veins to start the process of acquiring Void ore, you can start your search in Great Cleave, Ebonscale Reach or Shattered Mountain if you’re a high enough level. The veins are plentiful in these regions but they’re higher level. 

For lower-level players, you can look in Windsward or Reekwater. These are the two locations that hold the most veins in the southern regions. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.