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New World
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New World delayed following open beta feedback

Amazon's long-awaited MMO has been delayed for the third time, after hearing feedback from fans regarding its open beta gameplay.
Amazon Games’ MMO New World has triumphed in the last few days, as its closed and open betas turned it into a total success with thousands of players around the world experimenting some of the features this new title has promised, leaving many very impatient for its premiere in August 2021.

Sadly, players will be disappointed to hear they will have to wait more to see this promising project come to light, as Amazon Games issued a statement in which they reported New World’s full release would be delayed for the third time.

New World delayed gameplay
(Picture: Amazon Games)

As explained by its developers, during the beta they received a lot of feedback they will use to improve their MMORPG. However, in order to achieve all the improvements they are looking for, they are going to need additional development time.

“It was not an easy decision. We know that this is not the first time that we have changed our release date in search of quality and that it can be disappointing to wait a little longer.”, said New World’s developers on social media.

“But we want to be sure that we deliver the highest quality of game at launch. Thanks for your support and feedback. We are listening."

New World delayed gameplay
(Picture: Amazon Games)

New World team at Amazon Games said it's going to take the extra weeks to squash bugs, improve the game's stability, and polish the overall game, while highlighting the game's support during the closed beta from players was humbling, as more than a million players clocked in more than 25 million total hours of game time during it.

New World will be available on PC on 28th September, 2021. You can pre-order it now via Steam.

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