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Will New World closed beta progress transfer into the full game?

Find out if all the hard work you’ve put in will count in the long run.
Will New World closed beta progress transfer into the full game?

The New World closed beta has been a huge success in terms of overall player count and engagement. 

The MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios has seen tremendous growth on Twitch and YouTube since its closed beta launch on 20th July. This growth has translated into high player counts, which has even caused the servers to break repeatedly and has thrust players into huge queue times. While some might not see this as a good thing, the servers breaking now is much better than the alternative of them falling apart when New World fully releases on 31st August. 

However, throughout the entire experience of the closed beta, some players have wondered if what they’re doing in-game will matter in the long run. After all, some fans are grinding the game day in and day out. Their skills are maxed out, their level is higher than most others and the world of Aeternum has become all too familiar. The question is, will this progress carry over when the game launches in August?

Will closed beta progress carry over in New World?

Will closed beta progress carry over in New World
The New World closed beta will run until 2nd August. (Picture: Amazon)

The answer to the question is a flat no. Closed beta progress will be wiped when New World launches at the end of August, meaning players have to start over and redo quests, level skills again and have their inventories vanish. 

While this might be a bummer to some fans, it’s common practice in the gaming world. Rarely do developers allow beta progress to transfer into the full game. It gives an unfair advantage to those who were able to pre-order New World early, as that’s the only way to access the closed beta. 

The developers want the launch to be as fair as possible and that means giving new players a chance against those who participated in the beta.

So when 2nd August arrives and the New World closed beta shuts down, players have to wait a month to grind the game all over again.