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New World: What is Grit? How it works, effects, interactions, more

Learning how to use a Grit attack in New World can be a difference between winning and losing a battle.
New World: What is Grit? How it works, effects, interactions, more

Mastering New World’s combat system can be challenging, especially for new players landing on Aeternum’s shores. An important element of understanding the game’s combat system is learning what is Grit and how to use it properly.

Vital to your character’s success, Grit isn’t fully explained in-game, and as such, it is often misunderstood. To understand what Grit is, how players can effectively utilise this ability and how to avoid it when facing an opponent, we have compiled this detailed guide about Grit in New World.

New World’s Grit ability explained

In its essence, Grit is a type of attack that makes players temporarily unstoppable as it prevents short staggering when a character is hit, which normally interrupt your attacks and other actions. This is indicated by a white or gold aura, a glowing effect that appears around a character when they’re about to use Grit.

A white aura or glow appears on a player when they're about to use a Grit attack or when one is active. (Picture: Amazon Games)

This ability can be crucial to your character’s success in both PvE and PvP as players will face a barrage of incoming attacks which can interrupt your actions. Moreover, you can use your Grit ability to prevent your opponents from blocking your attacks.

Similarly, Grit can also be applied to certain weapons that can be upgraded to include a Grit effect on attack. But keep in mind that certain weapons can also nullify or cancel your Grit attacks from occurring.

Grit attacks in PvE and PvP

Grit attacks can be useful in overcoming enemies in PvE and PvP. (Picture: Amazon Games)

A Grit attack combined with a crowd control ability like Stun is extremely effective against bigger groups of smaller and weaker AI opponents as their attacks can not interrupt your Stun. This can also be applicable in PvP, especially when facing several attackers from the opposing team - overwhelm them by using a well-timed Stun with your Grit attack.

If you encounter a Grit attack from larger or more powerful AI opponents, it would be best to try to dodge them completely.

Use your Grit attack with a Stun to overpower weaker enemies. (Picture: Amazon Games)

As mentioned earlier, certain weapons can have certain abilities upgraded to include a Grit effect or attack. Players utilising a DPS weapon build with a Hatchet, Rapier, Spear or War Hammer would best put to use the Grit mechanic as specific weapon skills can carry a Grit effect or attack. Additionally, all light and heavy melee attacks when a character reaches 300 Strength will also come with a Grit effect by default.

Players should know which attacks will deplete their stamina bar faster before using a Grit attack. (Picture: Amazon Games)

While utilising Grit will take players' time and practise to completely understand its significance, we suggest grabbing a friend for some sparring rounds to put Grit into practice.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.