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New World
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Where to find elk in New World

Elk are some of the trickiest animals to find in New World. This guide shows you how.
Whether it’s for a town settlement quest or simply for some resources, you’ll likely need to locate some elk at one point or another during your time in New World

Elk are just like any other animal in Aeternum. However, they’ve been a bit trickier to find for some players. While wolves and rabbits are in abundance in just about every region of the game, elk tend to stay a bit more hidden and are bound to only a handful of regions. Though this makes them tougher to track down, it doesn’t make them impossible to find as long as players know where to go. 

Below, New World fans can see exactly what regions and locations hold elk so they can complete that nagging quest or find the resources they need. 

Finding elk in New World 

New world where to find elk
Wildlife is a huge part of New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Elk in New World is found in six different regions. However, there are a couple of regions that players under level 30-35 can’t really enter, as the level cap for the zone is beyond that. Those two regions are Restless Shore and Weaver’s Fen, so players under level 30-35 shouldn’t try to hunt any elk in these locations. 

For all players, the other regions elk are found are: 

  • Brightwood

  • Everfall

  • Windsward

  • Monarch’s Bluffs

How to find Elk in New World
Elk aren’t as common as something like wolves. (Picture: Amazon Games)

These are common locations, as many players will start their journey in one of these four regions. To find elk, players need to look in forests or plains. Players’ best chances to find the animals is usually right outside of the region’s primary settlement.

Windward, Everfall and Brightwood aren’t home to many elk, though, so players should head for Monarch’s Bluffs if they really want to find the creatures. The east and southern areas surrounding the main Monarch’s Bluffs settlement is where players can find the most elk in the region. 

For Restless Shore and Weaver’s Fen, players can find the animals all over but more in the northern parts of the regions. Restless Shore’s elk supply is more to the northwest, though. 

That’s all of the information you’re going to need on elk in New World. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.