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How To Play F-Zero 99 With Friends

F-Zero 99 has 99 players in a lobby but can you play with your friends?
How To Play F-Zero 99 With Friends

Throughout the years, Nintendo has released a large number of iconic game series. These game series have their dedicated fanbases but sometimes, the wait between releases is agonizing. When new games for older, more forgotten series get announced, fans take notice. F-Zero 99 is one of those games.

F-Zero is a series that has not had a new game released in a very long time. In fact, F-Zero 99 is the newest game in this series. So although it might not become the most popular game, it's still one that a lot of people were excited for. That's why we are here to talk about how players can play with their friends in F-Zero 99.

How To Play With Friends In F-Zero 99

F-Zero 99 Play With Friends
Joining a friend's lobby will be difficult in F-Zero 99. (Picture: Nintendo)

As the title might suggest, there can be 99 players in a single lobby in F-Zero 99. People can end up playing with players all over the world. The best part is that most of the time, each lobby is pretty well balanced so players are never overpowered. But can players make it easier for themselves by playing with their friends?

In actuality, players cannot play with their friends in F-Zero 99. There is no way for players to join each other's lobby through the various menus that F-Zero 99 has. It's unfortunate, but people can only play with other random players in F-Zero 99. Perhaps this will be a new feature that comes in the future of the game but for now, it does not exist.

How To Join A Friends F-Zero 99 Lobby

F-Zero 99 Friend Lobby
Players might have to rely on luck to play with their friends in F-Zero 99. (Picture: Nintendo)

As we have stated before, there is no way to join a lobby with your friends before a race has started. However, there are ways to hopefully get into the same lobby as your friend. What players will want to do is get into a call with their friend that they want to play with. Once they do, it's merely a matter of timing.

Players then select the race they want to do at the same exact time to join each other's race. With some luck, you and your friends might end up in the same lobby. The best way to tell is when players are asked to vote on a track as they should be the same. But other than this, there is no other way to join a friend lobby.