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New Princess Peach Game Release Date Window, Teaser Trailer, More

Here, we will go over everything we know about the new Peach game that is coming out for the Nitendo Switch.
New Princess Peach Game Release Date Window, Teaser Trailer, More

This is a very exciting time to be an owner of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo just had their Nintendo Direct and with that, we got a slew of information about what is coming to this console. There are plenty of games that are coming this year that Nintendo fans should be excited about coming out in 2023. One of the biggest will be the Super Mario RPG Remake that was announced later in 2023. Even though Nintendo Switch owners should be excited about 2023, the year 2024 is already looking good for this console. That is because there is a brand-new Peach game coming out next year as well. Here, we will talk about the new upcoming Peach game coming to the Switch.

September 14, 2023 Update: We updated this page to reflect the recent news about Princess Peach: Showtime

Peach Game Info
Peach is getting her own game this time around. (Picture: Nintendo)

Latest Princess Peach: Showtime News

September 14 Update: Princess Peach: Showtime Fully Revealed

In the most recent Nintendo Direct, we got the official name for the new Peach game and it is called Princess Peach: Showtime! It included a trailer for the gameplay mechanics and the story of the game.

What Is The New Peach Game?

(The Original Story Follows): The new Peach game is a brand new title from Nintendo that was shown off during their Nintendo Direct. We were given some gameplay of it early but right now, the Peach game does not have an official name yet. From what we can tell, we will more than likely get an official title later this year.

The gameplay seems to take place entirely on what looks like a stage. Peach moves freely from left to right and attacks with what looks like a star-like partner against enemies. Spotlights are on her and her enemies so it will be interesting to see what is the plot here. On top of that, it looks like costume changes will be a big theme for the Peach game. More than likely, the costume changes will transform Peach and allow her to do new attacks, and give her new abilities. Unfortunately, we did not see the full costume change so we will have to wait to see more.

When Will The New Peach Game Come Out?

The New Peach game will release in 2024. Although that is not until next year, it should be easy to pinpoint when exactly the new Peach game should be coming out. The new Peach game was already teased for 2024 and we got to see some gameplay elements for this title. That means development should be going smoothly for it.

If we had to guess, the Peach game should release between January through March next year. We are only halfway through 2023 at the time when this game was revealed to the public. Unless some setbacks happen like Tears of the Kingdom, there is no reason to believe why this game should not come out in the first half of 2024.

Peach Game Release Date
The Peach game looks like it will be taking place on a stage. (Picture: Nintendo)