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The Perfect Cozy Kitten Puzzler (Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher Review)

One of several Sokoban style puzzle games from Wise Box Studios, our Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher review looks at their latest Nintendo Switch arrival.
The Perfect Cozy Kitten Puzzler (Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher Review)
GINX/Afil Games

First released on PC as Cats and Sokoban: Mimi's Scratcher in late 2022, this comfy puzzle game from Wise Box Studios has slowly found its way to more and more platforms. Now, Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher is finally coming Nintendo Switch to make it more portable and accessible than ever. If you're looking for a new game that won't break the bank, this Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher review will review if this is a must for your Nintendo Switch library.

Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher Review (Nintendo Switch)

04. Pulando entre plataformas com caixa na boca

Like any good Sokoban style game, Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher centers around single level puzzles where you move boxes around until you can finally reach the end goal. In this case, your job is to get Mimi the Cat to Mimi's Scratcher. No pressure, but cats love to use their scratcher.

The earliest levels in this puzzler help familiarize you with the overall concept, and you'll quickly get used to the simplified interface and controls. All you're really doing is moving around, but you can shift the overall vibe by pressing a single button to change the background color of the level to any of a dozen choices.

Once you advance a bit to later levels, you'll discover new aspects like the introduction of wooden crates which interact differently than the boxes you're normally moving around. You'll even be able to jump between platforms carrying a box in Mimi the Cat's mouth, which is easily one of the cutest things in the game.

Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher has a total of 55 different levels, and the speed at which you work through them is entirely up to you. Players can always challenge themselves by looking for alternative solutions or trying to finish a given level faster, but the game never prompts that. Instead, you're greeted by a lack of restrictions and a calming catchy soundtrack to let you settle in and think about how each level needs to be tackled at your own pace.

Verdict: Cozy Kitten Puzzler is a Perfect 10


After spending a few hours getting lost in Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher, it's impossible not to give it a perfect 10 out of 10 rating. If you're concerned with there only being 55 levels, just keep in mind that this title is only $4.99 on Nintendo Switch.

The console version is also available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S for the same price. If you'd rather snag it on PC, you can actually save a little and snag it for just $1.99 on Steam. Whether you're a Sokoban veteran or have never tried this kind of puzzle game before, Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher might be the cutest option out there.

A Nintendo Switch copy of Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher was provided by the publisher.