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Dev Shares Excitement for No Rest for the Wicked's Live Development

The CEO of Moon Studios is both excited and a bit anxious about the release of No Rest for the Wicked in Early Access, as it enters the live development phase.
Dev Shares Excitement for No Rest for the Wicked's Live Development
Moon Studios

In case you've been trapped in the year 841 and missed it, No Rest for the Wicked, from developer Moon Studios (who brought us Ori!), is releasing on 18 April 2024 into Steam's Early Access program.

There's a whole lot of hype surrounding this precision Action RPG, which does look a bit like a mix of Dark Souls and Ori if I'm being honest. We are even counting down to the release of No Rest for the Wicked, and from a recent tweet, so is the Moon Studios' CEO and Creative Director, Thomas Mahler.

Thomas Mahler mentions the live development phase, something that Moon Studios has never done before. This is, of course, the Early Access phase, where the developer continues to build and implement features and release new content. Speaking of content, check out the No Rest for the Wicked content roadmap plan below.

No Rest for the wicked live development early access content changes feedback steam PC
There's a lot of content planned for No Rest for the Wicked during its Early Access phase. (Picture: Moon Studios)

A big part of this "live development" phase is to absorb player feedback, and that's another thing the developers are excited about. Thomas Mahler explains:

Even when we released Ori, it was always a thrill to watch all the streamers play, to read all the feedback, etc., but usually we were mostly unable to work out imperfections after the fact. And now this is what it's all about. I can't wait to have debates with the community on which features should be focused on, what direction to pull Wicked into next, etc. More than with any other title I've ever worked on, I still have that feeling of 'The sky's the limit!'

Check out the official No Rest for the Wicked overview trailer below to learn more about the game, and get on that hype train with us!