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All Programs & Trials In The Outlast Trials

Here's every trial in The Outlast Trials, and its associated MK challenges.
All Programs & Trials In The Outlast Trials
(Picture: Red Barrels)

There are various trials available in The Outlast Trials, with each one boasting its own set of MK challenges. You'll also get to experience a new and unique environment in each of the different trials, These are all of the trials players can enjoy in The Outlast Trials, as well as which MK challenges are associated with them.

All Trials Available In The Outlast Trials

Currently, there are five trials available in Outlast Trials, in addition to temporary trials that function like events. In this article, we'll cover all of the trials that are consistently available in The Outlast Trials.

Program 1 Trial - Kill The Snitch

This trial also has the following MK challenges:

  • Cancel the Autopsy
  • Sabotage the Lockdown
  • Release the Prisoners

Program 2 Trial - Grind The Bad Apples

The trial has these MK challenges:

  • Punish the Miscreants
  • Open the Gates
  • Drill the Futterman

Program 3 Trial - Cleanse The Orphans

The MK challenges for Cleanse The Orphans are:

  • Feed the Children
  • Foster the Orphans
  • Gather the Children of God

Program 4 Trial - Vindicate The Guilty

Vindicate The Guilty includes the MK challenges:

  • Escape the Courthouse 
  • Destroy the Evidence

Program X

Program X is a special, increased difficulty trial that players can only play if they've completed the prior four trials. Program X includes a mix of MK challenges from prior trials. It's by far one of the game's most difficult challenges that it presents to players, so you may want to try this one with a friend. Even then, don't get discouraged if you find it challenging; it's a tough one!

Temporary Trials

Program Geister

This is a special seasonal trial that releases around Halloween. In 2023 it started on 27 October 2023 and ended 17 November 2023. We expect it will return in 2024.

Weekly Therapy

This is a special weekly program introduced in November 2023 as a means to add temporary trials with unique variations to mix things up for players and also earn extra rewards each week.

Winter Kills

This is a special seasonal trial that releases around the December holidays. In 2023 it started on 12 December 2023 and ended on 9 January 2024. We expect it will return in 2024.