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The Outlast Trials Weekly Therapy Challenges (21 May 2024)

Here's every Weekly Challenge in The Outlast Trials, including the schedule.
The Outlast Trials Weekly Therapy Challenges (21 May 2024)
(Picture: Red Barrels)

The Outlast Trials offers a Weekly Therapy challenge for players to complete which grants bonus rewards and a tougher challenge than many of the trials in the game. View it as the game's equivalent of a 'challenge mode' similar to Phasmophobia's weekly challenge where unique modifiers can make ordinary challenges more difficult or will complex. If you want to know more, here's the current Weekly Therapy schedule for The Outlast Trials, along with a list of all of the Weekly Therapy trials available in the game.

The Outlast Trials Therapy Challenge This Week

From May 21 To May 28 the Weekly Therapy Program is "Hardcore".

This program has 4 variators:

  • Stronger Enemies 2 - Deadly enemies without mercy.
  • High Enemies Density - More enemies in the Trial.
  • Extra Floor Traps - More floor traps in the Trial.
  • Extra Explosive Traps - More explosive traps in the Trial.

How To Start Weekly Therapy Challenges in The Outlast Trials

It's rather simple. Players can find the Weekly Therapy challenges by using the Terminal menu screen, and then choosing 'Select Trial', followed by the 'Weekly Therapy' option.

What Time Do Weekly Therapy Challenges Reset in The Outlast Trials

As you can see from the above schedule, Weekly Therapy challenges change over every Tuesday. For those wanting a specific time, the challenges will reset at 10am EST (UTC -5). The countdown clock below will show you how long you have before the next Weekly Therapy reset.

Time Until New Weekly Therapy Reset In The Outlast Trials
5 days, 21:44:43

The Outlast Trials Weekly Therapy Rewards

Players can get numerous rewards for completing the Weekly Therapy challenge.

Typically though, you'll earn some XP, a new item, and Release Tokens for successfully completing the challenge; you'll even get a little bit of XP and Cash if you fail. If you get an A+ Rating, you can get bonus XP.