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The Outlast Trials Best Amps, Ranked

Here are all of the Amps in The Outlast Trials, ranked.
The Outlast Trials Best Amps, Ranked
(Picture: Red Barrels)

In The Outlast Trials, Amps help you out in a variety of ways, providing a boost to your gameplay. Let's take a look at all of the Amps in The Outlast Trials, ranked, so you can know which ones are the best in the game.

9. Hide and Breathe

Hide and Breathe, while probably the worst Amp in the game, still holds its weight as a great bonus. When you're in a hiding spot, you'll start regaining Stamina more quickly, allowing you to take off when you need to and avoid enemies.

8. Heal And Hide

Hide and Heal is similar to Hide and Breathe but might be just a bit better. With Heal and Hide, you can start regenerating Health whenever you're hiding. Health is what determines whether you live or die, so it's often a little more critical than Stamina gain.

7. Double Doses

With Double Doses, you can use any Syringes you find twice. It's a simple premise and is sometimes helpful, but overall it's a below average Amp; there are better boosts out there for sure.

6. Antitoxin

With the Antitoxin, Psychosis will hardly continue to pose a threat; you'll recover to full Sanity after being poisoned, and it'll affect you more slowly. Since it's pretty easy to avoid Psychosis altogether if you know what you're doing, Antitoxin isn't the very best.

5. Cacophony

With Cacophony, when you throw a brick or bottle, it'll be louder; this means that enemies will be more easily distracted by your distractions. This Amp is about average, since it's not incredibly versatile, but it can help you when you really need to avoid an enemy encounter.

4. Quick Escape

Quick Escape temporarily increases your stamina and speed after you're injured. While it's a good perk for getting you out of sticky situations, you need to avoid getting injured in the first place to get an A+ ranking, so this perk isn't one of the game's very best.

3. Strong Arm

A rather aggressive Amp, Strong Arm allows bricks and bottles to do more damage when you throw them directly at enemies. This isn't the best perk in the game - since stealth is the best strategy in The Outlast Trials - but it'll definitely help you avoid taking damage and take out some foes, so Strong Arm is overall a strong pick.

2. Slippers

One of the best Amps in The Outlast Trials is Slippers. With this Amp, you'll be able to walk on broken glass without making any noise at all. This can keep you safe from enemies when you're vulnerable and when it matters most, preventing you from ambush.

1. Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction is, in our opinion, the best Amp in the game. It reduces your overall noise when running and when opening and closing doors. While Slippers serves a similar effect and fits in the second place spot in our list, Noise Reduction comes into play even more often, making it number one.