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Best Rigs In The Outlast Trials, Ranked

Here's every Rig in The Outlast Trials, ranked from worst to best.
Best Rigs In The Outlast Trials, Ranked
(Picture: Red Barrels)

What Is the Best Rig in The Outlast Trials?

In The Outlast Trials, Rigs are a boost that you can bring along with you to help you in your trials. There are four different Rigs that you can choose from, each one with its own unique power and upgrades. Deciding which you should focus on isn't immediately clear at the start of the game, so here's every Rig available in The Outlast Trials, ranked in the order we think are most important.

#4: Blind Rig

In The Outlast Trials, the Blind Rig is basically a landmine that will blind any enemies in the area when they trigger it. While sometimes useful, it's not as reliable as the Stun Rig, and it can't be used instantly, so it isn't helpful in fast-paced situations. Overall, the Blind Rig is useful in some situations, but is far from a must-have.

#3: Stun Rig

The X-Ray Rig and Heal Rig (which we'll explain later) offer you more passive benefits, helping you keep your team alive, but the Stun Rig is an offensive Rig like the Blind Rig. When you use it, it'll immediately stun all of the enemies within your vicinity - and it works immediately.

Like the X-Ray Rig, though, the Stun Rig doesn't have a lot of range, and it only works for a few seconds. While the Stun Rig can be a helpful addition to your build, it's arguably not the best or most versatile Rig available in the game, so most players will want to opt for other options.

#2: Heal Rig

The Heal Rig does exactly what its name says it does: heal you up when you need it, along with your teammates (well, if they're nearby, that is). When playing with your friends, using the Heal Rig is a great choice, since it's your ticket to ensuring that the team stays healthy and able to tackle the challenges ahead.

There's something about the Heal Rig that keeps it from being higher on our list, though, and that's its limited range. With a fairly small base range, the Heal Rig will often only help you - and not your teammates as well - unless you make it a point to keep within close range of them.

#1: X-Ray Rig

The best Rig in The Outlast Trials is definitely the X-Ray Rig, in our opinion; it's a versatile, useful tool for scanning through walls and spotting enemies that you wouldn't otherwise be able to detect. The X-Ray tool does exactly what its name implies, giving you an X-Ray view of everything that's important. 

With the X-Ray Rig alone, you'll be able to see enemies through walls; when you upgrade it, you'll even be able to see consumables like first-aid kits. Overall, the X-Ray Rig is a real winner.