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How To Get A+ Grade In The Outlast Trials

Here's how to get A+ rankings in The Outlast Trials and successfully complete more.
How To Get A+ Grade In The Outlast Trials
(Picture: Red Barrels)

In The Outlast Trials, an A+ ranking is the best ranking you can possibly get. When you get an A+ score, you'll reap the most rewards out of your experience, and you'll gain lots more XP to increase your Therapy Level. Getting this great ranking, though, requires performing well in the trial and completing some certain objectives. If you want to get the best score for yourself, here are a few tips to get that A+ grade.

How To Get A+ Rankings In The Outlast Trials

Collect All Propaganda Posters

You'll need to collect all the propaganda posters in order to get a perfect A+ Ranking. Even if you do perfectly otherwise, you can't get an A+ if you don't do this. Make it a point to get every single propaganda poster in the trial before you leave; forgetting a propaganda poster, or a few of them, is the easiest way to lose your A+ ranking.

The Outlast Trials Propaganda Poster
Make sure you find the posters as it's the easiest way to avoid an A+ grade.

Avoid Taking Damage

Taking damage during the trial will not only jeopardize your survival and potentially put you and your team at risk, but it'll also negatively impact your score. To achieve an A+ ranking, it's essential to minimize or completely avoid any damage from enemies. You can take a few hits, but any more than that will cause that challenging A+ score to elude you. Evading all damage and stealthing away from enemies requires careful movement, awareness of your surroundings, and effective use of stealth and evasion tactics.

Don't Fall Into Traps

Like taking damage from enemies, falling into traps can drop your score. It's a good idea to disarm any that you see to avoid them causing issues for you in the future. You should also keep a careful eye out so you don't fall into any that are well-hidden, causing you to take damage

Complete The Trial Successfully

It's self-explanatory, but you'll need to complete the trial in order to get an A+ ranking. Make sure you don't die! This goes hand-in-hand with trying to take as little damage as possible, and helping your teammates do the same. While you can still get an A+ score if your teammates die, it's a good idea to keep them alive if possible, since it's challenging to complete trials - especially more challenging ones - without your team.