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How To Get Toxic Tokens Fast in The Outlast Trials Toxic Shock Event

Here's how to earn Toxic Tokens quickly in The Outlast Trials Toxic Shock event.
How To Get Toxic Tokens Fast in The Outlast Trials Toxic Shock Event
(Picture: Red Barrels)

Toxic Tokens are a limited-time currency in The Outlast Trials, used to obtain various cosmetic rewards throughout the duration of the Toxic Shock event. Since this event only lasts a few weeks, you'll want to stock up on this currency as much as you can, while you still can. Here's how to get Toxic Tokens fast during the Toxic Shock event.

How To Get Toxic Tokens Fast

To get Toxic Tokens in The Outlast Trials, you'll need to complete trials. To get Tokens, you'll have to play both the special limited-time event mode, as well as usual Trials. Upon completing them, you'll get Tokens added to your total. Unfortunately, completing trials during the event is the only way to get more Toxic Tokens during the Toxic Shock event in The Outlast Trials. Completing separate objectives or other missions won't net you Toxic Tokens.


So how many Tokens will you get, and how many do you actually need? Well, playing each mission once will earn you a total of 28 Tokens. Rewards vary between a wide array of Token amounts, so you may have enough for what you want after just one run, but you'll want to complete more if you want to get your hands on all of the event rewards.

It's a good idea to play with friends if you want to earn up more Toxic Tokens, since this can allow you to finish up missions more quickly, and you might perform better with friends than alone.

While missions are the only way to stock up on the coveted event currency, Toxic Tokens, they offer another bonus during this particular event, too. If you've completed all of the limited-time event trials, you'll get a special poster for your sleep room. This is an additional bonus on top of the rewards you can purchase with Toxic Tokens, but it's a great initiative to finish all of the trials.