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How To Power Generators in The Outlast Trials 'Kill The Snitch' Trial

Here's how to power up the generators in The Outlast Trials' Kill The Snitch mission.
How To Power Generators in The Outlast Trials 'Kill The Snitch' Trial
(Picture: Red Barrels)

In The Outlast Trials' first mission, Kill The Snitch, players will need to power up generators to progress on the mission and move the Snitch. Doing so is easier said than done, though and can confuse first-time players. So here's a quick guide on how to power the Generators in the 'Kill the Snitch' mission.

How To Power the Generators in Kill The Snitch

After you've found the Snitch in the Kill the Snitch mission, you'll next need to restart some generators to get the Snitch moving. To do this, you'll first have to go down to the parking garage and to the basement; you haven't been to this area yet in this trial, so you'll need to find where it is and make your way down there. From the Holding Cells, where you should already be after completing the prior objective, you can go to the back and then to the door.

You'll have to lift up the door - potentially with your teammates' help - and then you can find your way to the Generator Room after walking through the halls. From there, you'll find the first generator. To fuel it, you'll be able to find fuel in the parking garage, which you can bring back to the generator. Just remember you'll have to avoid enemies while you're doing this, making it all the more difficult.

Once you're done fueling the first generator, you'll need to flip its circuits to green and move the dial on the side. Then, you can move on to the other Generator Room - which you can reach from the parking garage - to complete the same process for the next generator. In a solo run, you'll have to do this for two generators. In co-op, you'll have to complete four generators.

No matter how many generators you need to fuel, all of them will be fairly close to one another in labeled rooms near the parking garage. The generator rooms are all labeled 'Generator Room.'

Once you're done fueling up all the generators, you can move on to the next objective in the Kill the Snitch mission.