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How To Slide In The Outlast Trials

In this guide, we'll explain how to unlock the Slide perk in The Outlast Trials.
How To Slide In The Outlast Trials
(Picture: Red Barrels)

In The Outlast Trials, evading enemies requires skill and strategy. One smart move you can make is to slide out of the way - but you'll find that you won't be able to do this by default. Sliding lets you avoid enemies swiftly and effectively, and it can help you hold out against opponents. Here's how to slide in The Outlast Trials.

How To Unlock Slide Perk In The Outlast Trials

To slide in Outlast Trials, you’ll first need to access the pharmacy if you haven't already, and then get the Slide prescription. There are a few prerequisites to doing that, though, so we’ll walk you through them one-by-one. 

Reach Therapy Level 3

Opening up the Pharmacy, and thus getting the Slide prescription - or any prescription - requires reaching Therapy Level 3. Gain XP by completing trials; the better you perform, the more XP you’ll gain, so focus on efficiently completing objectives to unlock the pharmacy and this prescription as quickly as possible.

The Outlast Trials Prescriptions
Reaching Therapy Level 3 opens up the Pharmacy.

Obtain the "Slide" Prescription

Reaching Therapy Level 3 shouldn't take too long, so long as you perform decently well in your trials. Once you reach Therapy Level 3, you gain access to the Sleep Room's pharmacy, where the "Slide" prescription is available. There are three tiers of prescriptions, with new tiers unlocked after purchasing one tier - but Slide is tier one, so you won’t need to buy any prescriptions before obtaining it. Just talk to Emily in your newly-unlocked pharmacy, and buy Slide. 

How To Use the "Slide" Prescription

Once you buy Slide, you’ll automatically be able to use it. To activate the slide, crouch and begin running. The slide will automatically activate, allowing you to swiftly evade enemies and obstacles in your path.

Now you know how to slide in The Outlast Trials. Once you have access to the pharmacy, you'll be able to get the Slide prescription, along with numerous other Rx (prescriptions) that will help you in your journey.