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Outlast Trials 'Kill The Snitch' Walkthrough

Here's how to complete the Kill the Snitch mission in The Outlast Trials.
Outlast Trials 'Kill The Snitch' Walkthrough
(Picture: Red Barrels)

The first trial in The Outlast Trials is known as Kill The Snitch. This trial will familiarize players with the game's mechanics, meaning it's the easiest trial in The Outlast Trials - but that doesn't mean it's incredibly simple. You'll need to complete lots of objectives as you journey through this mission and find your way past enemies. Here's our guide to completing Kill The Snitch in The Outlast Trials.

Outlast Trials 'Kill The Snitch' Walkthrough

Infiltrate The Station

At the beginning of this trial, you'll start out next to a Police Station. Your objective, of course, is to infiltrate that station. Your first thought will likely be to try to open the front doors, but you'll quickly find that they're blocked - not to mention there's an enemy outside - making this challenge a little harder than it seems at first. Thankfully, though, there are actually two different ways to get inside the Police Station

  • Window Route: While continuing to evade the enemy outside, swerve around the side of the front doors of the Station and keep walking. You'll find a truck with a door beside it. You'll be able to enter the door, leading you to a window that'll lead straight inside the Police Station.
  • Jail Route: Look for the Cocktail Lounge and then turn, so your back is facing it; you should see a door named 'Jail.' You can kick this in as another route of entry to the Police Station, but beware, kicking doors in makes noise, so this may result in some enemies closing in.

Find The Security Room

Once you're inside the Police Station, you'll then need to find the Security Room, as your objective urges you. This shouldn't be too hard; inside the Police Station, you'll find signs directly pointing to the Security Room. To get there, you'll just have to follow them. But beware, because the path to the Security Room features an enemy that can significantly set you back.

Once you find the Security Room, a cutscene will guide you with some intel into your next objective: you'll need to go grab the Snitch.

Find The Snitch

To find the Snitch, you'll have to head to the Holding Cells. This requires going back the way you already came, retracing your steps all the way back to the area that says Holding Cells. From there, you can follow along the track to end up at the Snitch, the man you're looking for. You can push him along the tracks, which you should do - but you'll need to restart the generators and the power inside to get him further.

Restart The Generators

As you probably guessed, your next official objective is to restart the generators. To do this, go down to the parking garage and then to the basement. To get there, head to the back area of the Holding Cells section, and go down to the door. Lift it up and head over to the marked Generator Room, where you'll find generators in need of fuel.

To fuel the generator, walk around the parking garage and find fuel tanks; you can bring them up to the generator to fuel it up. Just remember you'll have to avoid enemies while doing so. After you've fully fueled the generator, you'll need to flip all the circuits on the generator to green, and then move the dial.

Next, move on to the next Generator Room from the parking garage, where you'll find another identical generator. Here, you can fuel it exactly the same way. Once you're done, you'll need to move on to the next step. (If you're playing with friends, you'll find four generators rather than just two, so complete the process for all of them.)

Find The Key Using The Hint

After you've powered the Generators, you'll need to find some police station keys to help you move on to the next section. You'll need to use the hint on the monitor to find them. The first hint on the monitor will be a heart, which will lead you to the room that says 'Key' - there's a corpse inside with a key in its heart.

After grabbing that, you can go back to the monitor to find another symbol, leading you to the next room. You'll need to find four different symbols on the screen, since you'll need to find a total of four keys to power the gate, which will trigger the next objective, asking you to electrocute the Snitch.

Electrocute The Snitch

The final step is to electrocute the Snitch. Put him in position and then head over to any of the levers in the room, holding it until it reaches 100%. While you're doing this, you'll have to avoid the Warden, so be careful. Once you've successfully reached 100%, find your way back to the start of the trial, and you're done!