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The Outlast Trials Pervert The Futterman Walkthrough

Here's how to complete The Outlast Trials' newest trial, Pervert the Futterman.
The Outlast Trials Pervert The Futterman Walkthrough
(Picture: Red Barrels)

In the Pervert the Futterman trial, you're tasked with infiltrating a toy factory and burning a body inside. Doing so will require you to navigate the toy factory and put yourself in a bit of danger with your teammates. Here's how to complete the Pervert the Futterman trial in the Outlast Trials, step by step.

How To Complete Pervert The Futterman Trial In The Outlast Trials

toy factory
Your first goal is to infiltrate the Toy Factory. (Picture: Red Barrels)

Infiltrate The Toy Factory

Your first goal in the Pervert the Futterman Trial is to infiltrate the toy factory. After watching the videos on the screen, you'll need to turn right and pick up the items sitting there before finally heading through the doorway over to Security. In this next room - Security - you can find batteries in the cupboard, which you'll be able to use later.

Moving on again, you can leave Security through the other door. From here, go left and through the fence, where you'll find a message telling you where to go next: the basement. Getting there, though, might not be as easy as it seems.

You'll need to go down the stairs and then bash in the door, finding your way through just one more door in that hallway. There are several traps in this hallway along with enemies that can be triggered, so watch out!

In here, you'll need to fulfill another smaller objective: fill up the compactor to get the key inside. To do this, just find rubbish around the area, and stick it inside the compactor. There are plenty of boxes and trash scattered around, so finding enough to fill the compactor shouldn't take too long. Then you'll have to wait for the compactor to actually process the trash, which will take a little more time.

Once it's done, you can grab your key and head in the entrance using the new key. You'll then get a brand new objective: Reach the Production Line.

Reach The Production Line

From the entrance to the toy factory, you'll need to take a right and then a left until you reach the Factory. Next, you'll need to find the bathroom on the left. Through the bathroom, you'll find your way to another place called Production Line A, which is exactly where you need to be. Now, it's time to start the Production Line you've found.

Complete All Production Steps

outlast trials
Most of this trial involves the production line. (Picture: Red Barrels)

Unlock Security System

The first step to starting the Production Line is to unlock the Security System. To do this, head up to the top floor and into Control Room A, where you'll find your second key for this trial and your first key for this objective. Bring it down to the input machine on the lower floor. 

Find Boxes In Storage

Once you've used the key on the input machine, you'll get yet another new objective, which requires you to find Box A-967. You can find it back upstairs on the right, just sitting on the shelves. Like the key you got previously, you'll need to bring the box back to the input machine.

After this, go to Assembly Line A's Doll Assembly Room, and then go to the hall across from Control Room B. From here, you'll need to find the showers. That's where you'll get the key and retrieve the box you need, which you can finally use to go back to the storage room and then Assembly A's Doll Assembly Room.

Once you place the box on the conveyor belt, a body will come out of the Assembly Line B. Wait for it to come out of C - but you'll quickly find that you need to Reroute the Production Line

Reroute Production Line

the outlast trialls

To reroute the Production Line - your final goal - you'll need to follow the body along the conveyor belt and then crank the lever near you. Once you can't crank anymore, go to the Surveillance Room, where you'll find two useful buttons. Before you press either of them, grab all the loot in the room.

Then, press the buttons and go back to the incinerator area. Next, find the storage room with a furnace, where you can pump the furnace. Just remember to look out for any enemies.

Return To Shuttle

Once you've completed everything else, you'll need to get back to the shuttle and leave. Next to the furnace you just pumped, you'll find a door that leads to some stairs. After heading up them, you'll reach a button, which you can press to open the shuttle pod and find your way out. Congratulations, you've now completed the trial and will receive your rewards!