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How To Get Reborn in The Outlast Trials and What Happens

Here's your guide to joining the Reborn in The Outlast Trials and what happens when you achieve rebirth.
How To Get Reborn in The Outlast Trials and What Happens
(Picture: Red Barrels)

Becoming Reborn in The Outlast Trials is your ticket to essentially leveling up your Prestige level and making your profile look more snazzy. Because the rewards for becoming Reborn are so great, it's one of the most difficult things to achieve in the game.

How To Become Reborn In The Outlast Trials?

To become Reborn, you'll first need to acquire 10 Release Tokens. You earn Release Tokens for successfully completing Project X missions; one completed trial equates to 1 Release Token, and there are a total of 10 trials, so completing each one will net you all of the Release Tokens you'll need.

Do Note: Before completing any of the Project X missions, you'll have to successfully complete all of the prior trials, so be sure you've done that first!
rebirth projext x
To become Reborn, you'll need to complete Project X missions. (Picture: Red Barrels)

What Happens When You Are Reborn in The Outlast Trials?

Once you have all 10 Release Tokens, head to the Sleep Room and then go to the sign that says "Join the Reborn." Beneath it is a door that you'll need to walk through. Once you walk through, you'll see a man at a desk; talk to him to start the process of becoming Reborn.

You'll then need to complete a final trial in the Murkoff Facility. This is a particularly tough trial, with lots of enemies and objectives. You'll likely recognize the establishment as being the same one from the game's tutorial, a nice little callback to earlier on in the game.

Once you've completed this, your character will be replaced with a new one - Rebirth! - and then you can play Program X again and again. The only thing that resets during this process is your Release Tokens; you'll keep your Therapy Level, XP, perks, equipment, and everything else. You'll also get a shiny new trophy and a border for your profile, which gets brighter each time you're Reborn.