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How To Get Release Tokens In The Outlast Trials

Here's how to get Release Tokens in The Outlast Trials so that you can be Reborn!
How To Get Release Tokens In The Outlast Trials
(Picture: Red Barrels)

Release Tokens are a unique currency in The Outlast Trials, but players can't win them during every trial. Though they're challenging to get, it's important to know how to get your hands on them if you want to be Reborn. Here's our guide on how to get Release Tokens in The Outlast Trials, and what they're used for.

What Are Release Tokens?

Release Tokens are a special collectible/currency in The Outlast Trials that can be exchanged in order to become Reborn. Release Tokens are one of the most difficult currencies in the game to earn. Unlike Murkoff Dollars, Release Tokens only have one use.

How To Get Release Tokens In The Outlast Trials

Players will get the coveted Release Tokens for finishing all trials in Program X, which is a special program unlocked after the rest have been completed. Before unlocking Program X, you'll need to complete all the prior trials and finish their final exams.

There are ten trials in Program X, and completing each one will earn you a Release Token. This means that completing all the challenges will net you 10 Release Tokens.

release tokens outlast trials
Release Tokens are your ticket to being Reborn in The Outlast Trials. (Picture: Red Barrels)

If you want to get Release Tokens without completing all of the trials before Program X, you can join in with a friend. In online multiplayer games of The Outlast Trials, you can join in with friends who have unlocked Program X, even if you haven't yet done so. You'll want to remember, though, that you'll only get Release Tokens for a successful trial - so if you are a total beginner, trying to dive into Program X might not be the best idea.

Once you have enough Release Tokens - a total of ten - you'll be able to complete the process of joining the Reborn. You won't be able to earn more than ten Release Tokens, so be sure to become Reborn once you've saved up enough to move on. Joining the Reborn requires completing another task, but it's well worth it for the rewards you'll reap in the end.