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How to find the Quarry in the Outriders Legacy quest

The Outriders Legacy quest has stumped numerous players in the early stages of the game.
How to find the Quarry in the Outriders Legacy quest

One of the more intriguing quests in Outriders is the Legacy quest, which can be started once players reach Trench Town. 

At this point in the main story, you’re meeting with Grand Marshal Corrigan in order to pass through his minefield to reach the dreaded forest. Beyond the forest lies the possibility of Doctor Zahedi making contact with the Flores ship with the satellite uplink. However, Outriders does a great job of distracting you from this objective with several side quests in Trench Town. 

The first side quest most players will take on is “The Outriders’ Legacy”. This is started by examining the hanging body of a former Outrider and reading the note he left behind. While the quest seems simple, it’s anything but. Though, perhaps the most complex aspect about it is locating the Quarry. 

Finding the Quarry in Outriders

Once you’ve read the Outriders’ note, you’ll visit with Lucy Skyre, a lady of the night. She’ll tell you she knew the Outrider but wants her friend Monique back in exchange for what the Outrider left behind. Monique is apparently being held captive by an Altered, so you need to save her. This requires the exploration of the Wreckage Zone, which is only accessible once you advance the main story by visiting with Corrigan. 

Outriders quarry
Talking to Lucy Skyre is your first objective. (Picture: Square Enix)

However, you’ll come to find that Monique is in a complicated, but safe, relationship with the Altered. It’s safe to say she doesn’t need rescuing, so you return to Lucy to retrieve what the Outrider left to her. 

It’s here that you’ll need to locate the Quarry. However, this can’t be accomplished until you’ve once again advanced the main story. The Quarry isn’t located in Trench Town, which is why its quest marker doesn’t appear on your map. 

how to find quarry in outriders
The Quarry doesn’t become available until later in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

So essentially, you need to play through the main story until you can travel to the Quarry. You’ll set up camp at the location and it’s at this point that you can track the Outriders’ Legacy quest and find the Outriders hatch. Be warned though, as this quest isn’t finished anytime soon after you reach the Quarry.