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Best Weapon Mods In Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer offers a plethora of Weapon Mods to craft that perfect build, here are the best of them for you to use.
Best Weapon Mods In Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer infuses new life to last's year looter shooter by adding a new campaign, a new endgame activity, and most importantly, plenty of new loot.

Build crafting has been an integral part of Outriders experience and Outriders Worldslayer provides plenty of ways to build and customize your character. Equipping the right Weapon Mods is just one piece of a larger puzzle.

Thankfully, Outriders Worldslayer has a plethora of Weapon Mods that can boost your Fire Power, Anomaly Power, and Status Effects. With that said, here are the best Weapon Mods in Outriders Worldslayer.

Top Weapon Mods in Outriders Worldslayer 

Top Weapon Mods Outriders Worldslayer
Weapon mods offer additional Fire Power, Anomaly Power, and Status effects. (Picture: Square Enix)

Tier 1 Mods

  • Anomaly Surge - Critical shots spawn an Anomaly energy blast that deals damage in a 2 meter radius.
  • Fusion Blast - Shots create a fusion blast, dealing damage within a 5 meter radius.
  • Fireworks - Shots create an explosion that deals damage to enemies within a 6 meter radius.
  • Shield Maiden - Shots generate Shield.

Tier 2 Mods

  • Anomaly Enhancement - Receive a passive Firepower boost equal to 40% of your Anomaly Power.
  • Claymore - Shots damage an enemy within an Anomaly blade, dealing damage.
  • Gravedigger's Frenzy - Critical shots increase your Critical Damage by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Minefield - Critical shots spawn explosives around your target, each dealing damage in a 5 meter radius.
  • Stormwhip - Shots bring down lightning on an enemy dealing damage.

Tier 3 Mods

best weapon mods outriders worldslayer
Ultimate Storm Whip is one of the best Weapon Mods for Anomaly Damage. (Picture: Square Enix)
  • Bomb's Ahead - Killing shot turn enemies into an Anomaly bomb, dealing damage.
  • Claymore Torrent - Shots damage 4 enemies within a 6 meter radius with Anomaly blades, dealing damage.
  • Dark Sacrifice - During combat, your weapon drains up to 50% of your Max Health in exchange for 25% Weapon Damage bonus. 
  • Deadly Disturbance - Critical shots activate an unstable Anomaly effect in your enemy causing them to explode dealing damage to other enemies within a 5 meter radius.
  • Death Ray - Aiming down sights forms an Anomaly beal that deals damage every 0.3 seconds when in contact with an enemy. 
  • Deathronome - When 2 of your equipped skills are on Cooldown, receive a Firepower bonus. Otherwise receive bonus Anomaly Power.
  • Dimensional Rockets - Critical shots fire 4 rockets in the direction of the 4 closest enemies. Each rocket deals damage.
  • Embalmer's Rage - For 4 seconds after a critical shot, all following shots will be critical shots. 
  • Firestorm - Successful shots summon a homing firestorm that deal damage and inflicts Burn to enemies within its radius of over 8 seconds. Radius of the firestorm increases with each successful shot on the afflicted target. 
  • Fortress - Shots increase your current Armor and Resistance by 5% stacking up to 3 times. At maximum stacks the buff is doubled and additionally grants 20% damage increase for 10 seconds. 
  • Kinetic Stomp - Shots create a seismic shock around you dealing damage in 5 meter radius. 
  • Moaning Winds - Reloading creates a strong blast around you dealing damage to enemies in range of meters.
  • Omen - Shots launch a cover-piercing Anomaly projectile that inflicts Bleed, deals damage, and applies a status that increases damage received by 10% for 3 seconds. 
  • Radiation Splash - Reloading causes a small explosion that inflicts Vulnerable and deals damage to enemies within a 5 meter radius. 
  • Ravenous Locust - Shots create a swarm of locusts, dealing damage over 6 seconds and inflicting Weakness. The swarm affects all enemies within a 6 meter radius of the target while it lasts. 
  • Sandstorm - Shots conjure a sandstorm, dealing damage over 5 seconds.
  • Shadow Comet - Shots call down a comet, dealing damage to enemies within a 3.5 meter radius.
  • Singularity - Killing shots create an Anomaly singularity. When destroyed, the singularity explodes dealing damage to enemies within a 6.5 meters radius.
  • Violent Rupture - Shots create a volcanic explosion, dealing damage within a 6 meter radius.
  • Wrath of Moloch - Critical hits cause an explosion dealing damage and inflicting Burn on enemies within a 5 meter radius.

That's our list of the best Weapon Mods in Outriders Worldslayer.

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Featured image courtesy of Square Enix.