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How to get through the “signing in” screen in Outriders

Some players are stuck on the sign-in screen when trying to boot up Outriders.
How to get through the “signing in” screen in Outriders

To say that Outriders has experienced some server problems in its first few days since release would be an understatement. 

Like with almost any other online title, the Outriders servers have been crashing and burning with so many players trying to get on at the same time. It’s clear that the developers have been working hard to get the servers back up with their constant updates on Twitter but that still doesn’t allow players to get in and play. 

However, following a huge maintenance update over the weekend, the servers for the game appear to be as stable as they’ve ever been. Although, some players are still experiencing problems trying to log in after being stuck at the sign-in screen for several minutes. Luckily, there’s a workaround to get past this screen and back into Enoch. 

Outrider sign in problem

Outriders is off to a shaky start. (Picture: Square Enix)

Fixing the server issues in Outriders 

Following the weekend after launch, most players have been able to get in and play Outriders. However, there are still some lingering issues that a small group of players are facing. Essentially, whenever players attempt to login to the game, the screen won’t budge for multiple minutes. 

While most are still able to get in after around 10 minutes, this is a long time of waiting that can be avoided with a simple fix. According to the developers, there’s one workaround that should fix the problem for both console and PC players. 

The biggest fix that the developers have outlined is clearing the system’s cache. Reports have come in from players that this eliminated the huge wait times at the sign-in screen. For consoles, the devs have explained how to clear the system cache in the tweet down below. 

If you’re on PC, you can follow these steps to clear the Steam cache

  • From your Steam Client, open the Settings panel by selecting "Steam > Settings" from the top left client menu.
  • In the Settings panel, select the Downloads tab and you'll find the "Clear Download Cache" button at the bottom.

However, if this step hasn’t helped your progression in actually getting into a lobby within Outriders, you can attempt another step that comes from the developers. 

The servers are coming back to life for many Outriders players, so hopefully, every user can get in and start enjoying the game as quickly as possible.