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No Place Like Home, how to complete Outriders quest

No Place Like Home is an easy quest in Outriders but features some bugs and easy-to-miss loot.
No Place Like Home, how to complete Outriders quest

In terms of simple goals, there are no quests in Outriders with a simpler objective than “No Place Like Home".

However, as many players have discovered, there’s a major bug with the quest that prevents completion. Also, there’s an easy-to-miss chest that could give players their next main weapon. Keep reading below to figure out how to start and complete No Place Like Home in Outriders

Completing No Place Like Home in Outriders

To start this quest, you need to talk to Albert McKellen at the First City base camp. He becomes available after you’ve completed the main quests for the area. McKellen is labelled as the old man that’s just standing by himself on the outskirts of the camp. 

No Place Like Home Outriders quest guide
The Old Man in No Place Like Home. (Picture: Square Enix)

When you talk to him, you find out his home in the First City was overrun and he was forced to leave. However, he states he has valuables still in the hut and asks you to clear the way for him to retrieve the items. Obviously, you agree and head on your way. 

Clearing the way isn’t too difficult, as all you need to do is defeat some Perforo. The snaggletooth monsters don’t pose much of a threat but do require attention as they come at you in hordes. Once you’ve defeated them though, the path will open up to the old man’s house. 

No Place Like home outriders old man(Picture: Square Enix)

After you’ve made it to the hut, McKellen will show up and explain the graves by the house are his children. However, the only valuables at the hut are his memories. He then asks you to leave him alone. You can retrieve a chest just past the graves down some stairs, which a lot of players tend to miss. 

No Place like home mission guide
The chest’s location at the old man’s hut. (Picture: Square Enix)

Once this happens, the quest is done and this is where players encounter a huge bug. If you log out after you talk to the old man, you’ll find that you can no longer leave the area after you log back in. To avoid this bug, simply don’t log out from this area. 

However, if you have already logged out, then you need to go back to the lobby and press “Select Story Point”. From here, go back to a point from before you entered the old man’s hut area. This will reset some progress but it’s the only way to advance past the bug.