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Outriders 'A Bad Day' quest crashes game: Solution how to fix

If you are having issues with the game crashing while trying to collect rewards for "A Bad Day" quest , here's how to fix it.
Outriders 'A Bad Day' quest crashes game: Solution how to fix

The release day of Outriders hasn't exactly been the smoothest experience for players.

The game suffers from standard issues you might expect from any online multiplayer game at launch. We are talking about things like constant crashes, disconnections, stability issues, servers not working, and similar problems.

The good thing is that developers People Can Fly are having open communication about all of this, and are working hard to deliver patches and fixes as soon as possible.

Outriders A Bad Day bug crash fix
(Picture: Square Enix)

Unfortunately, this might take a while, but players are excited about the game’s release and want to enjoy it right now.

And while a number of bugs and problems is currently unsolvable without patching, there are some issues that are causing the game to crash and for which there are workarounds.

One of these issues is the bug with the sidequest "A Bad Day", which can cause a crash when receiving the rewards. Here’s how you can avoid that problem while simultaneously getting your rewards.

Outriders A Bad Day crashing fix

Outriders A Bad Day bug crashing fix solution
(Picture: Square Enix)

The game crashes at the very end of this quest when you rescue Eva from Barker's hideout. Once you do this, you need to go back and talk with Eva at her shop in order to receive the rewards for your troubles.

And exactly when you are receiving a quest reward, the game simply crashes.

It turns out that this happens because you have the Hell's Rangers equipment in your inventory.

In order to mitigate this bug and avoid crashing, you need to place the Hells Rangers items (and any legendary items) in your stash until you have received the side quest rewards.

Once you get the rewards, you can put these items back into your inventory.

And that’s it! Hopefully, the game won’t crash for you know, and you will be able to enjoy your rewards!