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Outriders crossplay: How to fix disconnect issue

Outriders has finally launched on all platforms, but as it usually goes with game releases, the launch did not go smoothly. If you are having issues with crossplay, check out some solutions here.
Outriders crossplay: How to fix disconnect issue

Outriders, the highly anticipated looter shooter, has finally been released on the 1st of April.

Players have been testing the game for more than a month through the free demo version, and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive, so everyone was excited to jump into the game and play the full version.

Alas, almost any launch of an online multiplayer game traditionally is followed by a lot of issues, especially if the game is as popular as Outriders is.

And while there is a number of smaller issues plaguing the Day 1 build of the game, currently the biggest problem is a desynchronization between the PC and console code, which is causing players to be kicked out when playing cross-platform.

Outriders crossplay disconnection: Is there any solution?

outrider crossplay not working
(Picture: Square Enix)

If you were excited to play Outriders in multiplayer co-op with your friends that are playing the game on different platforms, you were probably disappointed to find out that the cross-platform is not working properly with the Day 1 build.

As explained by Square Enix, there are some small differences in the code that are causing crossplay not to work properly.

"In preparing the Day 1 builds for PC and Consoles, we discovered a desynchronization between the PC and Console code, which results in a backend mismatch," developers wrote.

Because of this, automatic matchmaking between PC and consoles has been temporarily turned off, but you will still be able to invite your friends from the other platforms via an invite code, although Square Enix "highly recommend against doing this" until the issues are being fixed with the upcoming patch.

While you still have an option to invite a console player into your PC game (and the other way around), the game will start, but soon after, the invited player will be kicked out of the game.

When will crossplay in Outriders be fixed?

outrider crossplay not working fix
You will have to wait a bit for cross-play to be fixed (Picture: Nvidia/ Square Enix)

Developer People Can Fly are working on a solution for this issue as we speak, but unfortunately, they don't have a firm date to offer when will the patch come.

While the problem has been identified even before the release, the issue requires work to sync both versions of the game (PC and consoles), which is not an easy task.

We don't expect the patch that will fix the cross-play issue to be released before Monday, 5th April.

Keep in mind that while you can't play between PC and consoles, playing between Steam and Epic, or PlayStation and Xbox, is still perfectly fine, problems only occur when there are PC and console players in the same game.

We will keep you updated if any workaround appears in the meantime, so make sure to follow us!