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Outriders: Can you change Class after you’ve picked?

Many players are wondering this simple question after starting Outriders.
Outriders: Can you change Class after you’ve picked?

When you start your journey as an Outrider, you’re given the choice of four different Paths, or Classes as they’re more commonly known. 

These classes offer you distinct abilities and play styles that can be altered through the class tree system, which we covered in a previous article. The four classes, Trickster, Devastator, Pyromancer and Technomancer, will largely impact how you play Outriders and how easy the game is in certain sections. 

For any inexperienced player, choosing a class can be rather difficult. All of them sound great on paper but the way Outriders is played out makes certain classes leaps and bounds better than others. However, first-time players might not know this, which leads them to pick a class that they don’t necessarily want after progressing through the game. 

This leads to many players asking the question, “Can I change my class in Outriders?” 

Changing your class in Outriders

Outrider how to change class
The four classes in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

The answer to the question above is a flat no. Once you’ve selected your class at the “Select your Path” screen after the prologue has concluded, you’re stuck with that class on that specific character. 

However, if you really want to try out different classes, then you can simply make a new character. This is done through the lobby screen and only requires you to press the “Select character” button in the bottom right corner. At this screen, select the “Create character” option and you’ll be off to the races designing a new character. 

how to change classes in Outriders
The character selection screen. (Picture: Square Enix)

Luckily for fans who choose this route, you don’t need to slog through the prologue after creating the character. If you wish, you can jump straight to the Path screen, select the class you want and then proceed with the story. 

For any fans wondering if the developers will ever add in the option to change classes midway through the Outriders story, it doesn't seem likely. The developers giving the option to make multiple characters essentially sees that idea dead on arrival.