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Outriders: The best Path to choose

A player’s Path in Outriders determines their playstyle for the entire game.
Outriders: The best Path to choose

Upon first loading up Outriders, players won’t be faced with any difficult decisions right out of the gate. 

Instead, developer Square Enix takes a more tactful approach, luring the player in with an informative and calm intro scene. However, soon after, this intro scene turns less calm and players are immediately thrust into the action of Outriders. 

It’s here that the game offers you a choice between four different Paths. Each Path comes with its own traits and abilities that determines what playstyle the player runs for the duration of the game. However, as with any choice like this in an RPG, players want to know which option is the best overall. 

Picking the best Path in Outriders

Currently, there are four Paths to pick in Outriders. In no particular order, they are Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster and Devastator. There are two close-range Paths, Trickster and Devastator, and one medium and long-range Path, Pyromancer and Technomancer, respectively. 

best path in outriders
The four Paths in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

Of course, it’s ultimately up to the player when deciding which is the best Path. Each player has a different preference when it comes to playstyle and abilities so there’s no definitive answer if it’s based on personal preference. 

However, objectively, there is one Path that makes Outriders easier than the others. That Path is Trickster, which is proficient in close range combat and utilizing stealthy tactics. The old saying, “easy to learn, hard to master” comes into play largely with the Trickster Path. 

The initial Skills you unlock in the Path, Temporal Slice, Slow Trap, Hunt the Prey, all allow you to deal damage as long as they’re used correctly. Although, you can seriously maximize the damage you deal if you use the Skills at the correct moments, which is the hard part to master. 

For players going at Outriders solo, Trickster is probably going to be your best option. Technomancer and Pyromancer are extremely difficult to use solo, as both rely on the help of teammates, Technomancer especially. 

What path to pick in outriders
Trickster is one of four Path choices in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

With Trickster, you can completely get up in the enemy’s faces and inflict serious damage without worrying about anyone else. You’re also healed slightly whenever you kill an enemy close to you, making it even better for players with a Technomancer nearby. 

However, even if you’re playing with teammates, Trickster is a valuable Path that makes life easier for those around you. It has the potential to be the most lethal Path but does require you to be close to enemies at all times. It’s preferable to equip yourself with a powerful shotgun to really make life hard for the opposition. 

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, picking Trickster will greatly enhance your Outriders experience.