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Molten Acari, how to complete Inferno quest in Outriders

The Molten Acari in the Inferno quest has been giving some Outriders troubles.
Molten Acari, how to complete Inferno quest in Outriders

Once players have gotten out of the First City in Outriders, there’s a bit of a roadblock named the Molten Acari. 

After the First City quests have concluded, players will leave on a quest to Eagle Peaks and begin the quest “Inferno”. While it starts off easy enough, players quickly discover that they could be trying to complete this quest for some time. 

Completing Inferno in Outriders

The quest starts off with you talking to Captain Dunham, a member of the forces trying to fight back the Insurgents. To progress the story, you need to access the cable car in order to find a satellite uplink for Doctor Zahedi. However, the cable car is controlled by the Insurgents so to get access to it, you need to go through the active volcano. 

Captain Dunham warns you that something monstrous lives in the volcano. Of course, this doesn’t stop you and you head off to the volcano anyway. 

how to defeat molten acari
The Screechers from the volcano. (Picture: Square Enix)

On the way, you need to fight a few hordes of a Perforo, the snaggletooth creatures, and a few Screechers, which are flying dinosaur-type creatures that take a good bit of ammo to take down. Once the Screechers and Perforo are dealt with though, you’ll run into the Molten Acari. 

You need to chase it down first, going through the volcano’s paths and even gaining access to a Historian side quest. Although, once you enter the volcano, the Molten Acari prepares to attack. 

No matter what Path you are, fighting the Acari takes sheer firepower over anything. While there are a few abilities that can damage the giant snail-like monster, you need to rely mainly on your weapons. 

In order to damage the Acari greatly, aim for its yellow sac on the top of its shell. It will expose this to you whenever it’s gearing up for an attack, so shoot at it while you can. At times, the Acari will cover it up with some molten rock but you just need to shoot through it to expose the yellow sac again. 

If you need any extra ammo during the fight, make sure to kill the lava spiders, as they drop ammo packs every time they die. 

Molten Acari
The Molten Acari is a fierce enemy in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

Once you’ve done enough damage to the Acari and dodged its easy-to-predict attacks, it will transform into a kraken-like creature that pops up out of the lava. At this point, you just need to avoid the waves of lava that spews out of the Acari, staying in the middle of the two waves. During this time, you can shoot at the creature’s body for small amounts of damage.

Molten AcariThe Acari’s final form. (Picture: Square Enix)

Though it takes some time, after putting enough shots into the Acari, it will go down in a fiery crash. After this occurs, make sure to pick up the items the creature drops and then proceed on to finish the quest by talking to Captain Dunham. 

Molten Acari
The Molten Acari eventually dies. (Picture: Square Enix)

You can now access the cable car and deal with the Insurgents so Doctor Zahedi can make it across to the satellite uplink.