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Outriders: How to defeat Maneater

Maneater is another Wanted enemy in the world of Outriders.
Outriders: How to defeat Maneater

After finishing up the main quests in the Forest Enclave, you’re free to explore the rest of the location. While it might be tempting to simply talk to Jakub and leave, there’s one additional quest that you should do before departing. 

The Wanted quests in Outriders have you taking on Elite enemies that have committed crimes in Enoch. Enemies like the Scalp King have appeared previously in this questline but the one in the Forest Enclave is “Maneater.” 

This bulky enemy is located past the huge stronghold where Kang’s Enforcer was holed up. If you venture outside of the gate you’ll find a fast travel flag, a Wanted poster and the area to fight Maneater. 

Defeating Maneater in Outriders 

To start the Wanted - Maneater quest, you need to find the poster on the wall of the gate of Kang’s stronghold. There’s a yellow exclamation point next to it so it’s hard to miss. Once you take on the quest, you’ll be led to the area where you can find Maneater, as shown below. 

Outriders maneaterThe start of the Maneater quest. (Picture: Square Enix)

Once you’re in the area, you’ll need to fight a couple of waves of cult enemies before making your way to Maneater. The enemies there aren’t too difficult but several tank enemies rush you with shotguns, so make sure you take care of them first. 

After defeating the hordes of enemies, you’ll lower a bridge that will save the game and lead you to the area where Maneater is located. Upon entering the area, you’ll start in a narrow hallway that you’ll be stuck in for some time. More tanks using shotguns will rush you and there’s a sniper 50 meters away on an elevated hill. 

how to defeat maneaterThe Maneater fighting area. (Picture: Square Enix)

You need to deal with the tanks and the sniper before fighting Maneater, who will rush you while you’re in the hallway. You can try and make your way out of the hallway, but dozens of trapper enemies will all shoot at you at once, making it very difficult to leave. The best strategy is to defeat any enemies that rush you, take care of the sniper, then deal with Maneater one-on-one. 

Utilizing your skills is imperative if you choose this strategy. Maneater has a powerful gun and a Golem-like ability that fortifies his health. We used the Trickster’s Twisted Rounds to take him down more efficiently but we also used Weapon Life Leech to its fullest advantage. If you fire away at Maneater while having some kind of healing attribute and use your skills properly, he should go down within 20-30 seconds. 

maneater outriders walkthroughThe fight with Maneater. (Picture: Square Enix)

Once the boss is finished, eliminate any other enemies in the area then go over to Maneater and finish him off. You can then travel to Trench Town and talk to Ujio for your reward.