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Outriders: How to defeat the Scalp King

The Scalp King is one of the many bounties in Outriders but he presents a tougher challenge than most others.
Outriders: How to defeat the Scalp King

Upon reaching the Quarry location in Outriders, you have the choice to take on a new “Wanted” quest once you visit the riverbed fast travel point. 

The Wanted bounty in question is the Scalp King, a ruthless insurgent who has been taking lives for years. It’s your job to track him down and eliminate him for Ujio, the bounty giver in Trench Town. 

While the Scalp King is by no means the only bounty in Outriders, he just might be one of the toughest to beat, especially on a high World Tier. Although, if you follow our guide, you’ll beat him in no time. 

Defeating the Scalp King in Outriders 

Once you enter the Scalp King area, you’ll be greeted with a wave of insurgents. There are quite a few of them, Breachers and Cutthroats especially, but as long as you use your skills and keep firing, you’ll make it through them. 

The next step is fighting the Scalp King amidst his army of insurgents, an Ironclad Elite enemy and a tough spotter. The area itself is fairly tough to navigate, as you can be sniped by the spotter through a slit in the wood on the right side of the area up on a ledge. Dealing with him first is going to be your best bet to focus on the Scalp King. 

The Scalp King OutridersThe Scalp King area. (Picture: Square Enix)

Once you enter the doorway to the area, the insurgents will begin firing and taking cover. However, the Scalp King will also begin walking toward you. Assuming you’ve dealt with the spotter, you next need to deal with the oncoming Breachers, as they can mess up your strategy. 

After they’re dealt with, wait for the Scalp King to approach outside of the area’s doorway. The bounty is unlike other Wanted enemies in the fact that he carries a powerful sniper rifle and can take half of your health with one shot. This means that dealing with him from range is out of the question. 

You need to let him come to you, in close quarters, and keep dodging in between shooting at his head. If you keep dodging, he won’t be able to hit you. However, this is dependent on you being smart with your shots. Never spend more than a second in one spot, always dodge away and start shooting again. 

HOw to defeat Scalp King OutridersThe scene after the Scalp King is defeated. (Picture: Square Enix)

As long as you dodge appropriately and use your skills, like Twisted Rounds, to your advantage, the Scalp King will eventually fall. Defeat the rest of the insurgents in the area, kill the Scalp King and travel back to Ujio in Trench Town to claim the bounty’s reward. It’s wise to visit Ujio before leaving the Quarry, as you won’t be able to return for some time.