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Outriders: What’s a Double Gun and should you use it?

The Double Gun is a strange weapon type in Outriders.
Outriders: What’s a Double Gun and should you use it?

Upon first starting your journey in Outriders, you may come across several different weapon types right off the bat. 

From sniper rifles to submachine guns to shotguns, there’s no shortage of play styles to choose from in regards to the weaponry you equip. However, there’s one weapon type that’s somewhat foreign to players. 

The Double Gun is a weapon type that pops up as similarly as the rest of the types in Outriders. Although, it’s not a traditional type like the other six. For this reason, players aren’t sure if it will fit their play style or if it’s even worth using in the first place. 

Today, we’ll go over exactly what a Double Gun is and if you should use it across your time in Enoch. 

What is a Double Gun in Outriders? 

Essentially, a Double Gun is a mix between an assault rifle and light machine gun. It has two barrels that alternate bullets, which means you’ll be dealing with more recoil but are able to fire off more shots than you would with a regular rifle. While the bigger magazine, carrying 60 bullets usually, isn’t anywhere near light machine gun territory, it’s still nice to have some ammunition. 

double guns outridersDouble Guns are a mix between an AR and LMG. (Picture: Square Enix)

In terms of damage, a Double Gun falls somewhere in the middle of an AR and LMG, similar to the magazine size. This damage is somewhat difficult to utilize thanks to the increased recoil but that’s to be expected with two barrels on the weapon. 

In regards to whether or not you should use one in Outriders, it’s really a situational type deal. If you manage to loot an epic or legendary Double Gun that features a great mod and close-enough damage to your main AR, then it’s definitely worth the weapon slot. 

However, you’re usually better off using a tactical variant of an AR or just a regular light machine gun if you’re only comparing lower rarity weapons. 

Although, if you’re keen on using one in the early game of Outriders, the Earthborn Renegade’s Double Gun from the Hell’s Rangers pack is quite useful. It features the Storm Whip mod, which fires down a bolt of lightning on random shots.